Mainstream media has failed. Media Caffeine wins.

Some of the most important news doesn’t make it to CNN or Fox News. Mainstream media news outlets tend to focus on celebrities, sports, politics, and other “big headlines” but it isn’t a full picture. Here, you get the full picture.

Consumers get more for the money with the 2016 Subaru Forester

2016 Subaru Forester

Subaru has offered us some great off road vehicles that are typically equipped with the advanced all-wheel drive systems.  The Forester is no exception to this and shows up with  a taller stance for better visibility, roomy seating, and plentiful cargo space are some things that are not normally part of this class of SUVS.  The Forester also comes with more advanced features than the Ford Escape or Hyundai Santa Fe to ensure you can have a more engaged drive with equipment that you want and need.  The Forester is also an SUV that starts at one of the best prices in the segment to make it a valuable player as well. Read More

ISIS claims hack that allegedly reveals military and government employee personal data

ISIS Hackers

The Islamic State posted that they have hacked government computers to reveal the personal information for US “targets” – people who work with the US military or US government that the terrorist organization wants attacked by domestic agents or affiliates. However, many are questioning whether the list is accurate or even real at all and whether or not it came through sophisticated hacking or other means. Read More

LA is ‘Berning’ for Sanders

Bernie Sanders LA Rally

There are few 73-year-olds who can draw the kind of attention that Bernie Sanders is bringing to himself. After 28,000 people came to hear him speak in Portland, his campaign for the Democratic nomination for President nearly achieved the same level when 27,500 people attended his gathering at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. Many were forced to watch from a large television screen outside of the arena. Read More

A Halo Truck from Ford

Ford Galpin Auto Sports Halo

When we speak of a halo vehicle typically its meant to identify the top model in a lineup and the one that the automaker will offer to bring the highest price and offer the most features.  Ford has made a truck with the help of Galpin Auto Sports that is not a halo truck, but instead a HALO truck to celebrate the release of the new HALO 5: Guardian game that will be offered for the Xbox One.  This is not the first time an automaker partnered with Galpin Auto Sports but it marks one of the most interesting vehicle offerings seen in a while. Read More