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1 in 3 American kids eat fast food daily

Either First Lady Michelle Obama was right or she’s part of the reason that health among American children is deteriorating. The amount of fast food consumed by children and teens in the United States has risen dramatically and now accounts for over 12% of the calories they eat on a daily basis.

According to the report by the CDC, it didn’t make a difference whether you look at boys or girls. Surprisingly, economic status had little effect as well. The only real differentiator was among racial lines where Asian children had the lowest rate at around 8% and non-Hispanic black children had the highest at 13%.

This alarming trend means that Americans are caring less about their children’s health than before the push for enlightenment started.

With all of this understood, it’s time for Americans to stop looking to the government and regulations to decide how their kids are going to stay healthy and start accepting responsibility. Just because the lunches are nasty at public schools doesn’t mean that parents need to make up for it with fast food runs.

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