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December 21, 2011
Land Lords
There’s nothing wrong with owning land, renting it to other people, and establishing an empire through which the toils of others can translate into a place to reside. The American dream may have originally been about owning a home and building a future, but tough economic times have forced many to forgo ownership and achieve...
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Occupy This
I’ll admit it. I was extremely skeptical when the #OWS movement first started. It wasn’t that I didn’t think they had valid points or initial passion, but I really thought the momentum would die once temperatures dropped below 60 degrees. Oh, how wrong I was. Now, occupying has become a trend of its own. People...
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Pet Frenzy
More puppies are bought from stores at this time of year than any other, but those who buy their pets this season should take a look at this first. Frugal Dad found that not only is adopting a shelter pet more humane, it is cheaper as well. Click to enlarge. Source:
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