February 2012
Discretionary Dough
It’s a topic that hasn’t been discussed in a while, at least not from a positive perspective. The downturn in recent years of the economy had many running for the hills and stuffing money under their mattresses because there just wasn’t enough to go around otherwise. In 2012, many have started to breath again and...
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One Nation Under Hops
Small, independent breweries have been gaining in popularity for a couple of decades, spiking over a decade starting in the late 90s and steadily rising ever since. While domestic craft breweries only accounted for 5% of the overall barrels of beer sold in 2010, the concept and practice continues to grow a larger group of...
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History of Credit Cards
The concept of credit has been around for centuries, but it hasn’t been until recent decades when the technology was available to centralize the practice and allow people to carry a card that represented their credit lines. Companies like American Airlines and Western Union pioneered the use of cards in the middle of the 20th...
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Gender Pay
One would think that we’ve evolved as a society to the point that things like race and gender no longer have a profound effect on work components such as pay or benefits, but unfortunately we’re not there yet. This graphic by Mercer breaks it down for us, demonstrating that we still have a long way...
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