March 2015
School Lunch
Eating is arguably the most important component of health, particularly for children. What we eat, how often we eat, and even where we eat can have lifelong effects on more than just the physical development of kids. It can affect how they operate throughout their lives in other areas as well. The meal habits of...
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Wonder Woman
Not all superheroes are like Superman. Most of them need help to get to where they’re needed at any given time, so having a good ride is imperative. It wouldn’t be effective if they had to take a cab or drive a Camry, so they normally have something very cool to get them from point...
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Drinking Coca Cola
There is very little doubt that the dietary habits in the United States are poor. Obesity continues to rise despite improved food education. Health problems associated with poor diet and sugar consumption are not getting better. As a country, we’ve grown content to follow the cravings of our sweet tooth.
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Taj Mahal
Of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, only the Great Pyramid at Giza remains. Time is a killer when it comes to both natural and man-made structures, especially with earthquakes as a primary culprit for ancient destruction, so we will never get to see the Lighthouse of Alexandria or any of the others.
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2015 Challenger Hellcat
Dodge has made some big waves the last couple of years by slapping a cool badge and sick performance on its Charger and Challenger models. The “Hellcat” variations are hot and they’re flying off the showrooms at any Dodge dealer that gets a hold of one.
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