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30k OnePlus 2 units sold in 64 seconds

One plus two might equal three, but the controversial OnePlus 2 smartphone equaled 30,000 units sold in just over a minute when it was released in China today. It took 64 seconds for the initial round to completely sell out.

This won’t cause a problem for those who have invites for the first round of broad sales on August 11. The company is now aware of their popularity after greatly underestimating how many of the first version they would sell. They thought the OnePlus would sell somewhere between 50-100k. It ended up over a million. This time, they will likely sell a whole bunch more.

According to Phone Arena:

But as company co-founder Carl Pei told USA Today, OnePlus just broke even last year even with all of those unforeseen sales. Breaking even again this year will be a stretch since the company did add head count to support the three to five million units it thinks it can sell in 2015.

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