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About Us

Sit back with a warm cup of coffee and taste the alternative conservative perspectives on American politics roll gently into your mind.

We’ve gone through several iterations over the years. At one point, we were an infographics company. This is a far cry from where we are today. Infographics, for all of their visual glory, have become less and less useful in a tidbit-loving, headline-driven media consumption world, so we switched gears to focus on general news. That didn’t last long. The “news” is too overarching and frankly it costs too much to hire the writers.

If there’s one type of writer that doesn’t cost much to hire, it’s the political ones. Heck, they write for free as long as they have a healthy venue through which to post their thoughts. That has helped us evolve over the last several months to pursue our mission: countering the left-wing media deceptions that fill our media consumption habits by offering conservative perspectives on the issues that face the country and the world.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We don’t do this for the money; our writers are volunteers and our advertising dollars barely pay for hosting the site. We simply want to look at the world through the proper conservative lens and help others see why this is right.

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