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Alfie Joshua
Rolls-Royce Phantom
“There is no replacement for displacement” has been uttered by more than one car enthusiast over the years and almost every time they are correct.  If you want the angriest and most powerful cars on the road they have to come equipped with some of the most powerful engines on the market to be the...
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Donald Trump FEC
It’s hard to throw a rock in New York, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, or Chicago without hitting something that Donald Trump owns. His footprint is huge and the diversity of his businesses makes it easy for his campaign to use those assets whenever possible. However, The Donald may be taking it to the extreme. Will...
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Marco Rubio Ted Cruz New Hampshire
Most of the polls leading up to the New Hampshire primary are showing Ted Cruz either 3rd or 4th. The Boston Globe poll even shows him at 5th. Following the ABC News GOP Debate, Cruz and frontrunner Donald Trump did very little to help or hurt their cases. but one notable exchange between Marco Rubio...
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Balanced Budget Amendment
There’s a challenge with proposing a balanced budget amendment. It’s not popular with sitting politicians. It basically says that the freedoms that past politicians exploited to spend money irresponsibly won’t be applied to current politicians. This terrifies any politician who doesn’t have fiscal responsibility on their agenda.
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Carly Fiorina Iowa
The Presidential campaign for Carly Fiorina will keep fighting. They’ll move on to New Hampshire. They won’t call it quits just yet despite not breaking the 2% mark in the Iowa caucus. However, this will be more for the sake of establishing her place in the eventual nominee’s cabinet. She will not do well in...
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Rand Paul Senate
First and foremost, I really like Senator Rand Paul. He’s a good man with some great ideas. He’s a dedicated patriot that truly wants to help America. He can. He is. As a Senator, Paul is properly placed and will impact America’s future. With that said, it’s time to drop out of the Presidential race.
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Amazon Echo
Technology keeps getting better and better.  What used to be four D cell batteries in a boom box pumping out the jams from our favorite cassettes, morphed into spinning a CD in a portable player powered by rechargeable batteries.   Since then, music has become even more accessible, playing through our phones, IPods, and even our...
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An activist in support of “No Borders” has dedicated over a month of her life to helping Sudanese migrants. In the forest not far from the camp in Ventimiglia (between France and Italy) where fellow activists and migrants were protesting, she was gang raped.
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Donald Trump on the Phone
Over the last year, the accuracy of traditional phone polls, which account for nearly all of the major pollsters in America, has been proven to be extremely unreliable. In an age of do-not-call, unlimited digital voicemail, robocallers, and smartphones, the numbers are proving to be so far off that the standard margin of error can...
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Apple Hack
More than three dozen popular Chinese iPhone and iPad apps, such as Tencent Holdings’ WeChat, were found to be infected with malicious malware from XcodeGhost, according to researchers at Alibaba Mobile Security and Palo Alto Networks.
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