Author - Alfie Joshua

Displacement Beasts

Rolls-Royce Phantom

“There is no replacement for displacement” has been uttered by more than one car enthusiast over the years and almost every time they are correct.  If you want the angriest and most powerful cars on the road they have to come equipped with some of the most powerful engines on the market to be the right choice for an exciting right.  In every aspect of our lives we want more whether it’s a bit more dessert, a little more sleep, another drink or a bigger engine with more power.  The more you get the greater superiority you feel compared to those who make use of smaller engines that just don’t come close to being what we see in this list. Read More

Can Ted Cruz sneak up to 2nd in New Hampshire?

Marco Rubio Ted Cruz New Hampshire

Most of the polls leading up to the New Hampshire primary are showing Ted Cruz either 3rd or 4th. The Boston Globe poll even shows him at 5th. Following the ABC News GOP Debate, Cruz and frontrunner Donald Trump did very little to help or hurt their cases. but one notable exchange between Marco Rubio and Chris Christie may have done some real damage to the candidate that most believe will finish 2nd in the state. Read More

Cruz signs Balanced Budget Amendment pledge. Here’s why others won’t do the same.

Balanced Budget Amendment

There’s a challenge with proposing a balanced budget amendment. It’s not popular with sitting politicians. It basically says that the freedoms that past politicians exploited to spend money irresponsibly won’t be applied to current politicians. This terrifies any politician who doesn’t have fiscal responsibility on their agenda. Read More

Amazon Echo (Echo, Echo, Echo)

Amazon Echo

Technology keeps getting better and better.  What used to be four D cell batteries in a boom box pumping out the jams from our favorite cassettes, morphed into spinning a CD in a portable player powered by rechargeable batteries.   Since then, music has become even more accessible, playing through our phones, IPods, and even our car speakers using only a simple USB cable or auxiliary cable.  The invention of Bluetooth has made listening to music through all of our devices possible without the pesky speaker wires we used to have to deal with.  True to form, Amazon has taken the Bluetooth speaker and pushed it one step further. Read More