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Alfie Joshua
Jamyla Bolden
There is a certain righteousness that surrounds the #BlackLivesMatter cause. Those who deny that there’s a problem are missing the point. However, the problem is bigger than even the protesters know and they’re not doing much about it. Outrage over another death in Ferguson was noticeably missing this week.
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Chuck Schumer
Between the Republicans, the Israelis, and a good chunk of the United States population, President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have their work cut out for them to get the Iran deal sold and delivered. The last place where they want or even expect opposition is from Democrats in the House of...
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Jesse Benton Mitch McConnell
Politics can be an ugly game when it comes to finances during elections. The system is clearly broken but the people who can change it benefit by not changing it. The whole system is very broken. This was made more clear today as the head of a Rand Paul super PAC was indicted for 2012...
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OnePlus 2 Sells 30k in 1 Minute
One plus two might equal three, but the controversial OnePlus 2 smartphone equaled 30,000 units sold in just over a minute when it was released in China today. It took 64 seconds for the initial round to completely sell out.
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Star Ship Enterprise
When British scientist Roger Shawyer first envisioned a new way to travel to the moon just after the turn of the century, he didn’t anticipate the connections that would be made between his concept and the impulse drive used by the fictional Star Ship Enterprise in┬áStar Trek. Of course, those connections have been made.
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Wolf of Wall Street
There are two ways to spend money. The option that most people take is to use their accumulate wealth to make a better life for themselves and their family. Sure, they might give a little to church or charity, but most of it goes to improving lifestyle. The second way to spend money is to...
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Wonder Woman
Not all superheroes are like Superman. Most of them need help to get to where they’re needed at any given time, so having a good ride is imperative. It wouldn’t be effective if they had to take a cab or drive a Camry, so they normally have something very cool to get them from point...
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Nurses Salary
The medical arena has always been considered a lucrative one. For years, there was a discrepancy that caused division at hospitals when it came to nurses versus doctors and other professionals. Nurses had to get college degrees just as other medical professionals, but their pay was often much lower than other positions at the hospital....
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Road Rage
The act of driving can have some pre-existing negative effects on our emotions. Most vehicles, try as they may to be comfortable, are not able to accommodate people for extended periods of time. It’s a hassle to drive in traffic. Perhaps most importantly, we’re often driving to and from places that are not good for...
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Car Shoppers
When it comes to checking online for cars, more people check dealer websites than manufacturer or third-party websites. This should lead dealers to think that they need to have the best of both worlds.
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