Author - Alfie Joshua

Iran deal faces more obstacles from Democrats

Chuck Schumer

Between the Republicans, the Israelis, and a good chunk of the United States population, President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have their work cut out for them to get the Iran deal sold and delivered. The last place where they want or even expect opposition is from Democrats in the House of Representatives and the Senate, but that’s exactly where the latest batch of naysayers reside. Read More

Wolf of Wall Street vs Compassion #Infographic

Wolf of Wall Street

There are two ways to spend money. The option that most people take is to use their accumulate wealth to make a better life for themselves and their family. Sure, they might give a little to church or charity, but most of it goes to improving lifestyle. The second way to spend money is to put a good chunk of it, even most of it, towards helping others. This is less popular for obvious reasons in a society that seems bent on indulgence rather than worldly or spiritual problem solving. Read More

How Much Do Nurses Make? #Infographic

Nurses Salary

The medical arena has always been considered a lucrative one. For years, there was a discrepancy that caused division at hospitals when it came to nurses versus doctors and other professionals. Nurses had to get college degrees just as other medical professionals, but their pay was often much lower than other positions at the hospital. Today, things are getting better for them.

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The Road Rage #Infographic

Road Rage

The act of driving can have some pre-existing negative effects on our emotions. Most vehicles, try as they may to be comfortable, are not able to accommodate people for extended periods of time. It’s a hassle to drive in traffic. Perhaps most importantly, we’re often driving to and from places that are not good for our emotional well-being such as driving back and forth to work.

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