Author - Cactus Williams

Despite great debate performance, Kasich looks like a VP

John Kasich VP

Had John Kasich come out and said he was running to be Donald Trump’s Vice President, nobody would have doubted it the way he’s been operating his campaign for the last few weeks. While he says he would never take a VP role, his positive message seems to be custom tailored to represent the anti-Trump. It’s not done in a way that would hurt Trump or truly differentiate himself from him. It’s like a calling card that says, “Chris Christie is too much like you and I’m the opposite because I’m pretty nice.” Read More

Downplay Super Tuesday for Cruz all you want. Oklahoma was a shocking win.

Ted Cruz Oklahoma

If you listen to the mainstream media narrative, Ted Cruz was supposed to win Oklahoma. If you look at everything else from polls just prior to Super Tuesday to the alleged domination by Donald Trump over the entire electorate, you’ll notice that this was the most surprising win of the primary cycle to date. Cruz should have lost big time in Oklahoma. Read More

Even with Malik’s jihadist posts, DHS unsure about vetting social media


Today, there are hundreds of millions of people around the globe¬†who post their deepest thoughts and feelings for the world to see on social media. In this digital age, many people express their religious, political, and personal expressions on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We are an oversharing society and it isn’t just the west. People in the near east where most of the Islamic extremists live have no problem telling everyone that they support jihad. Read More