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Cactus Williams
Mark Levin Marco Rubio
Former Presidential candidate Marco Rubio spoke with Mark Levin and made an interesting statement. He didn’t come out and endorse Ted Cruz, but he did say that he’s the right conservative to be the nominee.
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John Kasich VP
Had John Kasich come out and said he was running to be Donald Trump’s Vice President, nobody would have doubted it the way he’s been operating his campaign for the last few weeks. While he says he would never take a VP role, his positive message seems to be custom tailored to represent the anti-Trump....
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Ted Cruz Oklahoma
If you listen to the mainstream media narrative, Ted Cruz was supposed to win Oklahoma. If you look at everything else from polls just prior to Super Tuesday to the alleged domination by Donald Trump over the entire electorate, you’ll notice that this was the most surprising win of the primary cycle to date. Cruz...
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Bill Maher
The majority of HBO host Bill Maher’s shtick is based around liberal atheist concepts. He lampoons Republicans and Christians alike. One thing that goes against his liberal leanings is that he also lampoons Islam, in particular the radicals that perform terrorism around the world.
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Marco Rubio Most Electable
For months, journalists and donors who have had private meetings with Marco Rubio have known that his rhetoric is not only repetitive but seems very insincere. As one New Hampshire journalist pointed out after hearing a Rubio endorsement pitch, he seemed to have no soul. Does this make him a risk for the GOP to...
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Cruz Trump Cruz
Voters in early primaries and caucuses have a tendency of changing their minds at the last moment. Of those who are considering changing between now and Tuesday, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush supporters make up nearly half of them according to the latest NBC/WSJ/Marist New Hampshire poll.
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Jeb Bush Please Clap
There’s a good chance that Jeb Bush could be the best of the three Bush Presidents if he ever made it to the White House. It might not be saying much, but he has the tools that his brother and father don’t have. Unfortunately for Jeb, one of those tools isn’t a strong sense of...
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Today, there are hundreds of millions of people around the globe¬†who post their deepest thoughts and feelings for the world to see on social media. In this digital age, many people express their religious, political, and personal expressions on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We are an oversharing society and it isn’t just the...
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Hillary Clinton on Benghazi
Look, I get it. Political spin is a necessary evil for politicians, especially if they’re running for President of the United States. However, there comes a point when you have to start seeing through the lies and focus on the facts. That’s something that Hillary Clinton is banking on Americans not doing.
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John Kasich Donald Trump
Yawn. As moderate John Kasich’s campaign continues to fall apart, he’s lashing out against frontrunner Donald Trump. The latest ad from the campaign points out the “dangerous rhetoric” Trump espouses in an attempt to make his own campaign more relevant. It won’t work.
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