Author - Cactus Williams

Cruz gets another anti-establishment endorsement: Bob Dole likes all of the candidates except him

Bob Dole

If the race for the GOP nomination for President of the United States were based upon the number of lifetime politicians that hated them, Senator Ted Cruz would win by a landslide. Republican establishment “lifers” like John Boehner and George W. Bush don’t care for the maverick style that Cruz uses to fight for the people. Read More

In Celle, Germany, migrants gather with pipes and sticks to chant in the street

Celle Germany

When history looks back on these times, it will be very challenging to trace back all of the mistakes that were made to bring the upcoming catastrophes to be. From arming of rebels that eventually became al Qaeda to acceptance of refugees through which terrorists infiltrated the west in bulk, the escapades of today’s politicians will be viewed very poorly. In many parts of Europe, things are already reaching a boiling point and there are so many more refugees on the way. Read More

Will the refugee crisis hit America sooner than we think?

US Refugee Welcoming Communities

Honest politicians (and yes, there are some) already know that there’s no feasible way for the United States to avoid being a part of the solution with the massive refugee crisis that is sweeping in from the Middle East to Europe. The only thing up for debate is whether we’re looking at something that’s spread out over a decade or if it’s going to be hitting American streets before the end of the current Presidential term. Read More

Ted Cruz pulling Ron Paul libertarians over to his camp

Ted Cruz Ron Paul

For decades, Ron Paul was the popular face and mouthpiece for the Libertarian Movement. It made sense when his son, Senator Rand Paul, announced his candidacy that he would pick up his father’s mantle just as Elisha did when Elijah was taken up. With Paul’s campaign dying and his politics leaning more towards standard Republican rather than pure Libertarianism, some started looking for a better representative for their cause. Read More

How the Islamic State practices ideological seduction for recruiting

Islamic State ideological seduction

As a parent, it’s difficult to imagine my children ever talking to an Islamic State recruiter online, let alone fall to their temptations. After watching a recent New York Times video, it’s easy to see how the vulnerable can be swayed. What can parents do to prevent conversion to Islam or even full recruitment into the clutches of ISIS? Read More