Cactus Williams
Drinking Coca Cola
There is very little doubt that the dietary habits in the United States are poor. Obesity continues to rise despite improved food education. Health problems associated with poor diet and sugar consumption are not getting better. As a country, we’ve grown content to follow the cravings of our sweet tooth.
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Pittsburgh Zoo Logo
So much can go into building a great logo. It’s something that lasts; most companies that want to improve their branding do not like to ever change their logo. It’s pretty much a permanent decision.
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Wordpress Logo
When two platforms compete, they’re usually not so closely affiliated. That’s not the case when it comes to WordPress which promotes both and The former is the one that has millions of free and occasionally paid bloggers using a toned-down version of the master software. The latter is the version that is software...
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Bad Movie Adaptations
What makes a film adaptation of a book work, and what makes it fail? It is really unpredictable. It can either make you enjoy the book even more, or can make you hate everything connected with the story. The quality of adaptations has been varied in the past few years. Filmmakers just cannot leave amazing...
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Open for Small Business
The United States hit its stride and really started proving out the concepts of pure capitalism when it embraced small business growth. While big companies have always played a role, it has been shown that small businesses are the ones that drive the economy. As small business numbers improve, the economy improves. As small business...
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Cancer in Lungs
Those who smoke or who live or work in environments with pollutants in the air are in danger of becoming victims of lung cancer. Everyone is, really, but there are lifestyles that have a much higher chance than others.
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