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CJ Durrek
Ted Cruz Jewish Coalition
If there’s one demographic that should favor Ted Cruz in New York, it’s the Jewish vote. With one opponent who has a family history of anti-Semitic views and another opponent that is irrelevant, it behooves Cruz to work with the pro-Israel voters in the state to act as a firewall against Donald Trump getting a...
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Romney McCain
In 2012, the Establishment had an agenda. They didn’t want Ron Paul and his “crazies” mucking up the Republican convention by trying to draw attention to themselves. They wanted to demonstrate unity by having all of the attention paid to the nominee, Mitt Romney. As a result, RNC Rule 40B was established. Now, the tables...
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John Kasich Pennsylvania
Running a Presidential campaign has a lot of moving parts. Most of the focus is given to the hardest parts – raising money, getting endorsements, giving speeches, and winning debates. Less media attention is given to the technical side, the basics, such as getting enough signatures to appear on ballots. John Kasich’s campaign apparently didn’t...
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Ted Cruz vs Mainstream Media
If anyone other than Ted Cruz had gone into Kansas projected to lose big in the polls, only to emerge with more than double the votes of second-place Donald Trump, it would be called a miracle from on high. If anyone had said that Ted Cruz was going to win Maine ahead of two moderates...
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Trump Supporters
Unlike the majority of my cohorts, I’m coming in late to the political discussion. It may sound sad, but the next debate will be the first that I watch. It’s not that I’m apolitical. I’ve always been one to start investigating candidates after the storylines are a little more clear. I only need to look...
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