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JD Rucker
Nominate Ted Cruz
America is staring down at a precipice and the liberals in Washington DC are trying to push us over the edge. It’s not just the Democrats. Many Republican lawmakers betrayed our trust once we gave them control of Congress by squandering the opportunity to halt President Obama’s disastrous policies and massive expenditures. This has to...
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Rubio can't Win. Cruz can.
If you get your information from Fox News, CNN, or the Wall Street Journal, the narrative you’re hearing is about “Marcomentum” and how Marco Rubio has a chance of defeating Donald Trump for the GOP nomination. That isn’t simply inaccurate or wishful thinking. It’s a flat out lie.
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Marco Rubio Ted Cruz Iowa
Mainstream media is doing everything they can to paint Marco Rubio as the real winner of the 2016 Iowa caucus. They say that his boost in the polls to the point of nearly beating Donald Trump for second is more impressive than Ted Cruz’s victory because they say that Cruz was expected to win.
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President Obama and Mubarak
In nearly every case of uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa, the result of the much ballyhooed Arab Spring and subsequent revolts of different names have been bad. They’ve been bad for the people. They’ve been bad for relations with the United States and Israel. They’ve been bad for stability in the region.
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