Author - Jesseb Shiloh

A New Transportation Infrastructure Possibility

Hyperloop One

There is a new way we might be able to travel from one large city to another and it will be via one of the fastest tube style railway systems.  This new transportation system is currently called the Hyperloop One and it’s in the very early stages of design and testing to give us a way to travel at much higher rates of speed.  This system, if approved and installed, is set at the goal of being able to travel at a rate as high as 700 mph which would make the trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas a ride of only twenty minutes. Read More

Kasich finally gets the spotlight he craves. Now, the scrutiny will destroy him.

John Kasich Scrutiny

For months, John Kasich has taken every opportunity in his scarce debate moments, infrequent interviews, and low-volume stump speeches to point out how little attention he was getting from the media. As one of the three finalists for the GOP nomination, he’s going to get more attention than ever before. That attention is going to reveal three things: he’s not a good candidate for President, he probably shouldn’t be Vice President, and he’s not a very good governor of Ohio. Read More

Why Republicans should hope for a Clinton nomination: ‘That’s what they offered’

Hillary Clinton That's What They Offered

In 2012, Republicans virtually declawed themselves from being able to attack President Obama’s most vulnerable spot: Obamacare. Had Newt Gingrich or even Rick Santorum won the nomination, the Republicans would have been able to use the skepticism felt by many Independents to turn the tide in the election. Instead, they nominated the one man with no real credibility in attacking Obamacare. Romneycare’s architect was a poor choice. Read More

Hillary Clinton invokes guns as common ground with President Obama

Hillary Clinton Barack Obama

The last few weeks have seen Hillary Clinton going against President Barack Obama on many key issues. She’s accused his stance on illegal immigrants as too harsh and pulled the support she’d given dozens of times in the past for his pet Obamatrade project, the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This is good for differentiating herself. Unfortunately, it’s also working to alienate her from a President who is still very popular with Democrats. Read More

Truth Revolt says Iran deal will lead to terrorism and the bomb

Benjamin Netanyahu Angry

While the conservative side of the worldwide political machine has been railing against the United Nations’ deal with Iran to lift sanctions in exchange for curtailing their nuclear weapons program, those on the other side of the fence have been fighting the notion that it’s a bad deal. The number of people supporting it seems to be dwindling, however, and conservative publication Truth Revolt has levied some of the harshest rebukes of the deal. Read More