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Jesseb Shiloh
Fallout 4
When gaming fans have waited this long for a new chapter in a series, they’ve become accustomed to failures. Production delays, contract disputes, and unforeseen delays have forced some of the most prominent franchises to fold under the pressure. Fallout 4 may be the exception.
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Euthanizing Humans
There have been many debates for decades (perhaps centuries) about the ethics and morality of allowing people to die when it can be prevented. There are those who, because of medical problems, simply cannot have a proper quality of life, so their right to die has been a topic of discussion.
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San Jose Flag Lawn
Very few homeowners in America like having a brown lawn. The severe drought in California and subsequent mandatory lawn watering reductions have many families choosing to decorate their lawn with green paint. One couple decided that green was too common and used the opportunity to express their patriotism.
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Fish Ecology
Things above the water are often easier to understand than those things that happen in the seas. Because of the vastness, it’s impossible to know when there are plenty of fish in an area to be caught and when catching too many fish can lead to an ecological collapse. The balance is a gentle one...
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Taj Mahal
Of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, only the Great Pyramid at Giza remains. Time is a killer when it comes to both natural and man-made structures, especially with earthquakes as a primary culprit for ancient destruction, so we will never get to see the Lighthouse of Alexandria or any of the others.
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Small Business
America was built on the concept of small business. It is the centerpiece of capitalism despite what bankers and activists believe. While the mega-corporations feel that they drive the economy and the Occupy Wherever group wants to agree and blame everything on them, the reality is that it’s the people running small businesses who truly...
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Recycled Rubber Roofing
A roof is something that few people think about unless it fails. While it’s serving its purpose of keeping out the elements and keeping in the comfortable environment, it’s never a thought. Once a leak starts, everyone starts getting concerned. After all, the roof is the only thing that stands between our homes and the...
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Business Degree
Getting a business degree used to be a prerequisite to be able to be successful and achieve executive status at major companies in the United States. That changed for a time when those who had other types of degrees (or no degrees at all) were finding success, but many companies quickly shifted back to the...
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When asked about dangerous animals, many people might say snakes, spiders, or other poisonous creatures. Others might point to ferocious animals like sharks, bears, or tigers. The savvy people might say that humans are the most dangerous.
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There’s a fundamental psychology behind visualizations that make them work. Reading is fine. Audio and video are often the best. When data must be seen and engulfed in order to make an impact, this is where infographics have their niche in our attentions. In this very simple infographic from Hubshout, they explore the reasons that...
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