Author - Manny Bateman

The biggest fear about Turkey-Russia row is the NATO component

Erdogan Putin

If one would have inquired last year about the NATO member that Russia liked the most, it would have been Turkey. They’re not only heavy trade partners, but they share a disdain politically for many of the western practices that the United States and western Europe have adopted. Some might even conclude that Turkey would be the most likely NATO member to leave if Russia was ever able to make a valid offer of protection. Read More

Strong points made for the preference of Christian refugees

Christian Refugees from the Middle East

As many countries promote a desire and often a mandate to give preference to Christian refugees coming from the Middle East over Muslim refugees, a debate rages about the thin line between bigotry and practicality. One of the points that’s not being argued is about the status of circumstances that separate Christian refugees from Muslim refugees. Read More

Did Clinton blow her shot at the White House with the email decision?

Hillary Clinton Phone Email

When Hillary Clinton prepared to begin her tenure as Secretary of State in 2008, there is very little doubt that she was eyeing 2016 as her next attempt at the White House. She was just coming off of a stinging defeat in the Democratic primaries to President Barack Obama after leading for most of the early stages of the election season. Now, it appears that the same fate may await her. Read More