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Manny Bateman
Dr Ben Carson
Any other year, this would be shocking. This late in the year ahead of a Presidential election, two political outsiders are leading the pack for the Republican party and they’re showing no signs of slowing down now. There’s even a chance that a third outsider might power her way into the mix.
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LAPD Body Cameras
Starting Monday, August 31st, LAPD will implement body cameras. It has taken two years for everything to come together.
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Kyrgyzstan Russia
Medical, educational, and military help wasn’t enough to get Kyrgyzstan to renew the 22-year treaty with the United States. Now, it seems like they are sending out a new message according to political analyst Alisher Khamidov: “We¬†arewith Russia.”
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ISIS Hackers
The Islamic State posted that they have hacked government computers to reveal the personal information for US “targets” – people who work with the US military or US government that the terrorist organization wants attacked by domestic agents or affiliates.¬†However, many are questioning whether the list is accurate or even real at all and whether...
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The list of reasons that drones are a threat continues to increase. Not only are they causing havoc around airports, on beaches, and over fires, they’re also being used by hackers to crack into computer networks in skyscrapers.
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There were simpler times in the past when it came to cybersecurity. The two primary types of hackers – those looking for financial gain and those wanting to cause mayhem – kept the targeting relatively isolated. It was easy to predict what could be a likely target to cybercrime.
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Weaponized Drone
Imagine a drone being used in a terrorist plot. A hand grenade is attached to a drone that drops it into a crowded area. No suicide bombers to recruit. Very little chance of being caught in the act, especially considering that it doesn’t even need to be remote; programmed flight plans can have all of...
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Sharp Televisions
After struggling to keep up with competitor innovations and a challenging television sales market, Japanese electronics maker Sharp is exiting the Americas. It will sell it’s plant in Mexico as well as it’s brand in the United States.
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Saudi Female Driver
It’s pretty difficult for those of us in western society to have any comprehension at all about the life of those in eastern countries, particularly those with completely different laws, lifestyles, and worldviews. Take, for example, driving. It’s something that the vast majority of boys and girls dream of doing when they turn driving age,...
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There are more Lebanese people outside of Lebanon right now than there are within its borders. They are doing well, particularly in America where they have a higher expected income and take their education generally further.
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