Author - Rocco Penn

Getting Mexico to pay for the wall is like pulling a rabbit out of a sombrero. It’s an illusion.


At the end of this article, I will declare my willingness to do something that would get me arrested if Donald Trump can get Mexico to pay for his wall. I’m 100% certain that if he’s able to win the nomination (doubtful) and then the general election (nearly impossible) that he will never be able to get Mexico to fork over more than a token portion of the massive budget required to build and maintain the wall. Read More

Cruz builds a California leadership team of epic proportions

Ted Cruz California

One of the biggest knocks against Donald Trump has been that the country cannot afford someone who requires on-the-job-training. It isn’t just the monumental task of learning what it takes to be President. It’s also the events that lead up to the election, including the nominating process. For this, Ted Cruz has demonstrated a profoundly higher understanding and it’s showing in California. Read More

Ben Carson’s endorsement of Trump has ‘paid in full’ written all over it

Ben Carson Suspicious Endorsement Donald Trump

As of two months ago, I was deciding between Ben Carson and Donald Trump. Ironically, it was the way that both of them handled the Ted Cruz campaign’s sharing of a CNN story during the Iowa caucus that flipped me to support him over either of them. What the campaign did was wrong, but Cruz handled it properly while Trump and Carson whined. Read More

Yes, Donald Trump is a crook (but don’t take our word for it)

Donald Trump is a Crook

Reality is starting to set in that the Republican Party may actually nominate Donald Trump. It’s a worse situation than the one we made fun of eight years ago when we saw the Democrats nominate Barack Obama despite situations that made it clear he was against America. It’s even worse than nominating the soon-to-be-indicted Hillary Clinton this year. At least with Obama and Clinton there was potential for suspension of disbelief. With Trump, there is none. He is 100%, without a doubt a crook. Read More

Is Donald Trump getting confused by complex policies or is his age starting to show?

Donald Trump Getting Tired

Before any Trump supporters cry fowl for bringing up The Donald’s age (he’ll be 70 in June), please note that we’re not doing it to start rumors. After all, Bernie Sanders is older, as is Joe Biden. However, Trump has either been getting confused recently by the complex issues facing the country or he’s having senior moments. There’s no other way to explain why he keeps having to put out press releases recanting what he said. Read More

In these troubling times, the US military must grow despite complaints from the left

F-22 Raptor

The decimation of the United States military under President Obama requires a major upgrade. Even the most fiscal conservatives look around at the Islamic State, North Korea, Russia, Iran, and even China and realize that in the coming years, the need to have enough muscle to flex may be required to prevent actual American lives from being lost. Read More