Author - Rocco Penn

Why I’m dumping Carson and Trump and supporting Ted Cruz for President

Ted Cruz Earned My Vote

The Republican Establishment is grinning ear to ear right now. Two of the insurgent candidates are ganging up on the third in a petty effort to take him down from his leading position. It’s a sad state of affairs when just a couple of days ago things seemed so rosy for the cause of conservatism and the future of the United States of America. Read More

How wet and cold weather will affect the Iowa caucus results

Cedar Rapids Snow

Weather can change on a dime despite what climate change alarmists want to admit, but at this point the forecast for much of Iowa on Caucus day, February 1, appears like it’s going to be a factor. With temperatures¬†at or just above freezing in most of Iowa with snow or rain forecast in some areas including Des Moines, it’s not going to be ideal conditions to get out and support the candidates. Will this have an influence on the vote? Read More

Omnibus Bill proves we need a conservative in the White House now more than ever

Paul Ryan Mitch McConnell

For the last six years, we’re seen a dramatic shift in the way that people view government spending. The continued victories in the House and the Senate by Republicans is a very clear indicator that the American people want the government to spend less, to rein in the budgets, and to not fund everything that President Obama has planned. Read More

Paris climate talks are symbolic, overblown, and a completely worthless PR campaign

Paris Climate Talks

There is much ado about nothing happening in Paris right now. It’s the largest gathering of world leaders ever assembled with the intention of saving the planet from the environmental evils of humanity. It represents hope, action, and unification of a divided world for a singular cause. The problem is that the attention it’s getting is exponentially more profound than the effects it will have on the planet. Read More