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Scott Boyd
Radical Islamic Terrorists
When asked what causes terrorism and radicalization, Imran Khan replied that religion has nothing to do with it. Seriously. In a world where there are radical Islamic terrorists in nearly every country across the globe and the perpetrators say they’re doing it over their religion, the point is a silly one.
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Donald Trump Not Charitable
Last week, Donald Trump made headlines (as he’s wont to do) by visiting the 9/11 Memorial in New York City. His supporters are trumpeting it as a wonderful visit to the recent historical centerpiece of the tragedy that rocked the world. They’re also very quick to point out that he donated $100,000 in his quick...
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Donald Trump Infrastructure
Campaigning to become a party’s nominee for President of the United States is very difficult. It requires attention to detail, knowledge of the rules, understanding of the terrain, properly planned infrastructure, and the ability to make good decisions. Once nominated, the race to accumulate states through the electoral college and operate within the confines of...
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Donald Trump White Female Voters
The key to any Presidential general election is staying close in the unfriendly demographics while winning big in the friendly demographics. Donald Trump is doing the exact opposite. He’s trailing in what should be one of his friendliest demographics: white female voters.
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Donald Trump is Authoritarian
For those of us who have been around long enough to remember the various leaders of the world over the last few decades, it can be puzzling to see the support for the authoritarian agenda of Donald Trump. He’s not a beacon of hope, an ideological champion, or a strong leader. He’s an authoritarian that’s...
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Much of what we’ve seen over the years in Democratic campaigns was derived from the teachings of Saul Alinsky. The community organizer made a career out of helping “the little guys” fight corporate and political corruption through lies, propaganda, and psychological tactics that gave us Barack Obama and that are being used by Hillary Clinton...
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Donald Trump Foregone Conclusion
If you’re a stalwart, die-hard Donald Trump supporter, you’re already lost and you’re taking the party down a dark path to another general election loss. If you’re one of those who will consider Trump because you believe his victory is already solidified, read on. The path to the nomination is far from over and Trump...
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Ted Cruz North Korea
In the last GOP debate, Ted-Cruz-hater┬áMartha Raddatz tried to corner the Senator into supporting a preemptive strike on North Korea’s missile launch facility on the day that they launched a nuclear test rocket. It was one of many embarrassing moments for the ABC News journalist and debate moderator, to which Cruz responded that he would...
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GOP Primary States
For years, Iowa and New Hampshire have represented one thing for the Presidential nomination process. They’re the initial filter. Conservative Evangelical Iowa and moderate secular New Hampshire have always been ways for leading candidates to build their momentum and weaker candidates to see defeat and leave the field of play.
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Jimmy Carter
Republicans love to hate Jimmy Carter. He isn’t a bad man. He nearly destroyed the country in a single term of office as President before Ronald Reagan fixed things, but he wasn’t doing it out of malice. He just wasn’t very politically intelligent.
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