Author - Scott Boyd

Poor decisions, campaign infrastructure: A prelude to a Trump Presidency

Donald Trump Infrastructure

Campaigning to become a party’s nominee for President of the United States is very difficult. It requires attention to detail, knowledge of the rules, understanding of the terrain, properly planned infrastructure, and the ability to make good decisions. Once nominated, the race to accumulate states through the electoral college and operate within the confines of unfriendliness associated with reaching out to independents and members of the opposite party is even more difficult than the nomination campaign. Read More

The reason Trump’s supporters like authoritarianism: they don’t realize it’s a bad thing

Donald Trump is Authoritarian

For those of us who have been around long enough to remember the various leaders of the world over the last few decades, it can be puzzling to see the support for the authoritarian agenda of Donald Trump. He’s not a beacon of hope, an ideological champion, or a strong leader. He’s an authoritarian that’s used to getting his way and throwing fits when anyone denies him of what he feels he deserves… which is everything. Read More

Suspending Disbelief: PLEASE don’t support Trump because you believe his nomination is a foregone conclusion

Donald Trump Foregone Conclusion

If you’re a stalwart, die-hard Donald Trump supporter, you’re already lost and you’re taking the party down a dark path to another general election loss. If you’re one of those who will consider Trump because you believe his victory is already solidified, read on. The path to the nomination is far from over and Trump hasn’t been crowned yet. Read More

Cruz sends Obama detailed plans to properly handle North Korea… and they’re brilliant

Ted Cruz North Korea

In the last GOP debate, Ted-Cruz-hater┬áMartha Raddatz tried to corner the Senator into supporting a preemptive strike on North Korea’s missile launch facility on the day that they launched a nuclear test rocket. It was one of many embarrassing moments for the ABC News journalist and debate moderator, to which Cruz responded that he would need to read the intelligence briefings before choosing a course of action. Read More