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Scott Boyd
Rand Paul 2024
Rand Paul will not be nominated to be the Republican candidate for President, at least not in 2016. The best way that he can help his country and his party is to leave the race quickly and throw his support towards a conservative.
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Selling Cars on the Internet
Classified ads have been around, well, just about forever.  Pre-Internet classifieds could be found mainly in newspapers and magazines.  For many dealers, they were their primary advertising channel.  Today, classifieds are even more ubiquitous and are found on the Internet. They still sell cars.  Digital classified sites such as eBay and Craigslist draw millions of...
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Palestinians Killing Jews
A group called Stand With Us has reached out to Arabs and Iranians on Facebook to show their support for Israel during this tumultuous time. They asked all who are against the incitement to kill Jews to post a picture of the front of their passport with a note attached.
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Israel Palestine Peace Talks
This week representatives of the Middle East Quartet (US, EU, Russia and UN) will meet with Palestinian and Jerusalem officials to discuss actions on prior agreements that would facilitate a two-state solution.
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Metadata Drone Strikes
On Sunday Apple removed another app from its App Store, Metadata+. The app gave notifications on U.S. drone activity. It sent a message giving the reason for the removal that said, Apple has removed Metadata+ from the App Store due to “excessively crude or objectionable content. Thank you.”
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ISIS Prophecy
ISIS is dangerous for many reasons, but what makes it such a force is that it holds to a much deeper religious ideology than its predecessor, Al Qaeda. ISIS believes it is fulfilling prophecy, and this can give any religious group a lot of affirmation to its cause.
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Donald Trump Spoiled
Most people couldn’t handle being a politician. It’s not that the job itself is too hard. In many cases, the actual work is much less than an average American struggling to pay bills and support a family. It’s that the public scrutiny and attacks from the media, opponents, and even friends requires an extremely thick...
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ATT Fiber Optics
Monday night AT&T fiber optic cables were cut in Livermore, CA just outside San Francisco. The cables carry vast amounts of information such as emails, phone calls, computer transactions, and even security camera feeds.
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Donald Trump Women
Things always seem to get a little murky when one digs into a Presidential candidate’s past. There have been a handful of exceptions over the years, but hiding one’s opinions has become increasingly difficult with the permanence of social media and the speed through which the media and other interested parties can dig up the...
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On Wednesday a judge ruled that the Republicans had a right to challenge the healthcare law’s use of subsidies which they say needed congressional approval.
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