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Bethesda reassures Fallout fans that game will hit deadline

When gaming fans have waited this long for a new chapter in a series, they’ve become accustomed to failures. Production delays, contract disputes, and unforeseen delays have forced some of the most prominent franchises to fold under the pressure. Fallout 4 may be the exception.

Bethesda, the maker of the game that has millions of fans obsessed, claims that they will meet their November release. In fact, they say that the game is pretty much done already.

“Not to over-exaggerate, but the game is essentially done,” Bethesda vice president of PR and marketing Pete Hines said. “When you talk about what else you are doing, all we’re doing is taking what exists and polishing it and fixing bugs. It’s not like you work until November 9 and then November 10 it’s out. You have to make discs and do this other stuff. They are finishing the game. That’s all they’re doing this summer.”

Here’s the video from Game Trailers:

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