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Car Shoppers Prefer Dealer Websites Over OEM and Third Party Sites

When it comes to checking online for cars, more people check dealer websites than manufacturer or third-party websites. This should lead dealers to think that they need to have the best of both worlds.

That wasn’t the conclusion of LeadiD, a company that specializes in customer acquisition. They felt in their infographic that dealers need to pay more attention to third-party sites because around 40% we not utilizing them. However, there’s an alternative.

What if dealers could drive shoppers from third-party sites directly into their own websites? That’s the concept behind LotLinx, a company that takes car buyers from the vehicle search pages on other sites and brings them into the inventory listing within the dealer’s own website. Based upon the data, dealers should want to drive as much traffic from 3rd-party sites into their own inventory as often as possible.

Here’s the infographic with a big tip of the hat to DealerRefresh for posting it on their blog.

Consumer Trust of Automotive Websites Infographic

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