Car Shoppers Prefer Dealer Websites Over OEM and Third Party Sites

Car Shoppers

When it comes to checking online for cars, more people check dealer websites than manufacturer or third-party websites. This should lead dealers to think that they need to have the best of both worlds.

That wasn’t the conclusion of LeadiD, a company that specializes in customer acquisition. They felt in their infographic that dealers need to pay more attention to third-party sites because around 40% we not utilizing them. However, there’s an alternative.

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Car Financing Infographic Tells a Simple and True Tale of the Car Business

Car Financing

Car buyers are often skeptical of dealers when it comes to financing their cars. There are stories about how banks are easier to deal with, how dealers always charge too much in interest, and how they make more money when your monthly payment is higher. None of these are true.

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James Bond Loves Aston Martin


When you’re a fictional British secret agent with your choice of cars, one might believe that you’d go for more variety. Despite having these choices, the writers of the James Bond movie series have leaned on a few different types and brands of cars, giving the iconic character a sense of personal taste rather than a smorgasbord of automotive gluttony.

Three Beemers, two Lotuses (Lotusi?), and a few other cars have made multiple appearances, but Aston Martin is clearly 007’s preference. In this infographic from Motortrade comes to us through an Aston Martin dealership and shows the primary car used throughout the decades.

James Bond Cars Infographic

The Fastest Production Cars

2009 SSC Ultimate Aero

When it comes to supercars, most of them are not realistic to mass produce. They are too niche, too expensive, and too amazing to put into full production. Then again, some are just right for it.

This infographic by Stratstone breaks down the top five fastest production cars in the world. No, it’s not the most visually stunning infographic ever created and is even worse when you consider the subject matter, but the content itself is strong and worthy of inclusion here.

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Chevy Apps for the Road

Chevy runs deep

As cars continue to become more technologically advanced, some are looking it as a good thing. Others see that it may be a shift that we’re not really willing to accept. Regardless of your opinion, it’s happening and many of the apps that fill our digital lives are starting to make a real impact on the way we get from point A to point B.

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Auto Repair at a Glance #Infographic

This infographic by Go-Part breaks down te differences between paying a mechanic and doing your repairs yourself.

An #Infographic for Porsche 911 Lovers

Porsche 911 at the Beach

It isn’t often enough that we get a strong automotive infographic come across our way. It’s not that there aren’t very many made. It’s that they’re normally not very good. This one is good enough to make the cut.

Check out the rich and celebrated history of the Porsche 911. Whether it’s America’s favorite or not is definitely up for debate, but it’s up there.

The Rich History of The Porsche 911 Continues at the

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Pretty Darn Nifty Car Insurance Facts #Infographic

Nothing much to say about this one. It’s interesting stuff. Cars. Insurance. Awesome.

Health Insurance Facts and Interesting Statistics Infographic

Three Decades of Honda Accords

The Honda Accord has been one of the most reliable and best selling cars on the market for decades. Three, to be exact. As this infographic from San Jose Honda Dealers shows, the Accord has a storied history worth showing in visual form.

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30 Years of the Honda Accord
From: Tier 10 Marketing.