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You’ve gotta love these car names

Jensen Interceptor

What’s in a name?  Has been the statement made many times to let you know it’s important to not only have a great name but also the reputation to back it up.  Sometimes all you get is a great name, at other times you see a name that carry on with a wonderful reputation to build a highly recognized brand.  Where names come from would be a unique look for another time, but what I want to discuss today is what should be a list of amazing car names to be the best car names of all time for you to enjoy. Read More

Will the 2016 Ford F-150 leave the competition behind?

2016 Ford F-150 White

It’s well known the F-150 is the best-selling pickup truck in the country and with the changes that were made last year the F-150 continues to be on the leading edge of technology and advancements as well.  With the aluminum body and turbocharged engines this truck is quickly leaving others in the dust where they have to play catch up in order to think they will come anywhere near the F-150.  As one of the most affordable and versatile trucks on the market the F-150 has been an amazing truck for many years and appears to be ready to continue its dominance over others when it comes to sales. Read More

New Terrain… by GMC

2016 Terrain

The world is full of wide open spaces, and as we move through our daily lives, we are able to cross places we’ve been off of our lists.  People are naturally inclined to want to explore and move across the countryside in search of something new.  We find our way to venture into new terrain.  GMC, a leader in the truck and SUV market, has created many of the cars that carry us about our daily journeys, whether it’s to and from work or if we’re off in seek of a fabulous adventure.  As 2016 rapidly approaches, they’re giving a fresh new face to their small SUV, the aptly-named Terrain. Read More

Classified ads sell cars

Selling Cars on the Internet

Classified ads have been around, well, just about forever.  Pre-Internet classifieds could be found mainly in newspapers and magazines.  For many dealers, they were their primary advertising channel.  Today, classifieds are even more ubiquitous and are found on the Internet. They still sell cars.  Digital classified sites such as eBay and Craigslist draw millions of visitors a month looking to purchase a product, including cars and trucks. Read More

Dodge Journey is made for… journeys

2015 Dodge Journey Information

To take a journey is to literally travel from one place to another.  There is no question of distance, it does not need to be to a remote location, and there are no requirement placed on where you have to go; it is just the act of traveling.  Since 1914, Dodge Motors has been specializing in helping people take a journey.  Whether it’s the journey of your life, a cross country trek during which you plan to find out a little more about yourself or the simple act of traveling to work on a daily basis; Dodge has been there.  Read More

So many choices makes picking a compact car hard… and fun

2016 Kia Forte

Compact cars are a dime a dozen.  There are a plethora of options on the auto market, but where do even begin to choose the one that is right for you?  Buying a new car is an often taxing process under normal circumstances, but when the market is flooded with good options it can become downright overwhelming.  Each commercial on the television or advertisement on the radio is shouting at you to go in ten different directions, and each one seems like the right path.  A new car is a very personal decision, but there are ways to narrow down your choices and find the perfect vehicle. Read More

Finding the right mechanic

Auto Mechanic

There are certainties that come with car ownership, and car repairs is one of those certainties.  No matter the age of a car, it is inevitable that repairs will have to be made in order to keep it functioning properly.  In order to complete routine maintenance, have your car inspection on a regular basis, and undergo necessary repairs, you will need to find a decent mechanic in your area.  For some people, the act of finding a mechanic is as emotionally taxing as finding a good accountant, hair stylist, and credit union in their area.  It’s a tough decision and there are many factors that must be considered in order the make the right choice.  Read More

Honda HR-V is appropriately sized for fun and family

2016 Honda HR-V Review

They say good things come in small packages.  With the amount of car companies answering the call requesting a smaller SUV than their smallest models, it’s not surprising that major automaker, Honda, has followed suit.  Almost every vehicle manufacturer has begun production of the ultimate crossover, a smaller version of their small SUV, due to increasing customer demand.  In a world where everything seems to be getting bigger, Honda has met these demands with the cute but spacious HR-V.  Smaller and lower than their very popular CR-V, the new HR-V sacrifices size without giving up much-needed cargo space. Read More