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Consumers get more for the money with the 2016 Subaru Forester

2016 Subaru Forester

Subaru has offered us some great off road vehicles that are typically equipped with the advanced all-wheel drive systems.  The Forester is no exception to this and shows up with  a taller stance for better visibility, roomy seating, and plentiful cargo space are some things that are not normally part of this class of SUVS.  The Forester also comes with more advanced features than the Ford Escape or Hyundai Santa Fe to ensure you can have a more engaged drive with equipment that you want and need.  The Forester is also an SUV that starts at one of the best prices in the segment to make it a valuable player as well. Read More

A Halo Truck from Ford

Ford Galpin Auto Sports Halo

When we speak of a halo vehicle typically its meant to identify the top model in a lineup and the one that the automaker will offer to bring the highest price and offer the most features.  Ford has made a truck with the help of Galpin Auto Sports that is not a halo truck, but instead a HALO truck to celebrate the release of the new HALO 5: Guardian game that will be offered for the Xbox One.  This is not the first time an automaker partnered with Galpin Auto Sports but it marks one of the most interesting vehicle offerings seen in a while. Read More

The Chevrolet SS The Powerful Sport Sedan Gets an Upgrade

2015 Chevrolet SS

The history of the Chevrolet SS is one of being a great car to bring moonshine across county and state lines and has its roots in what eventually became NASCAR.  With this kind of history it’s almost a shame to find out Chevrolet is planning to discontinue the SS after only a couple more years of production as it is really one of the only sedans on the market that can give you the power and drive that can be found from a model that looks to be plain and innocuous enough, but in reality has a lot hidden underneath. Read More

Toyota’s Sienna: Not the Typical Mini-Van

2015 Toyota Sienna Inside

The X and Y generations have been trained to believe that driving a mini-van equals the death of their youth.  Most of us are willing to cram two car seats into a car that can’t hold them, as an alternative to being the owners of a mom-van.  However, the mini-van has come a long way since the days of our youth when it was usually a bullet shaped vehicle with lots of cup-holders.  It’s no longer the complete and total personification of sitting with the uncool kids at lunch, it may actually get you to the good tables. Read More

The Dodge Viper ACR is speed unleashed

2016 Dodge Viper ACR Rear

The new Dodge Viper ACR is more of an engineering marvel than a speedster.  With a top speed of 177 mph you might feel impressed, but this actually makes the Viper ACR the slowest Viper ever made by Dodge.  Even though this straight line speed falls short of other models, this Viper is the quickest around the track because the engineers made use of massive quantities of downforce to allow the Viper ACR to corner like no other Viper model has ever been able to, which simply means the downforce makes it really fast around the track but slows it down on the straight line test. Read More

Not your average sedan

2015 Chevrolet SS Sedan

Face it, the average sedan can be boring.  Four doors and a modest engine spell family friendly, but not exciting or fun.  No one sits in a dreary office on a rainy day dreaming of a sedan as their most wanted vehicle.  Dream cars are sports cars with huge engines or muscle cars with that signature growl in cherry red or sinister black, two doors and a whole lot of power.  Speed and sedans are not typically synonymous, thus making them seem lackluster.  Chevrolet, creator of the classic powerhouse cars, has the answer to the tiresome sedan, the SS. Read More

Why you should choose a franchise dealership for your auto repairs

Toyota Service

Everyone dreams of owning a new car, truck, and SUV at some point in their lifetime. So off you head to the dealership to buy your Chevrolet, Toyota, or maybe even an Acura. It doesn’t really matter what make you choose. You spend time researching the vehicle, comparing it to others, choosing options and colors for your car or truck. Then, you buy the vehicle and drive off the lot. You fall in love with this vehicle, and why wouldn’t you, you worked hard for it. Read More

You Can’t Own Your Chevrolet?

Owning Your Chevrolet

Vehicle ownership has always been an exciting privilege for individuals. Knowing that you have saved your hard earned cash to purchase your dream car, truck, or SUV is a very confident feeling. Well, hold on folks, because if General Motors has it their way, you can no longer OWN your vehicle. That’s right, you pay for your car, but you cannot own your Chevrolet vehicle. This goes for other General Motors brands as well. Read More