Work Stress
Living in stress is hard enough. When one has to work in it, the toll can be double. There are ways that American workers (and workers around the world, for that matter) can effectively reduce the stress levels their employees feel at work. These are physical activities; it isn’t just a matter of taking on...
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Buying a vehicle is something that most people go through some time in their lives. Basic transportation is necessary for many Americans, particularly those who do not have access and a willingness to use public transportation. In New York City, one can live easily without a vehicle. In most cities, this simply isn’t possible. This...
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Smartphone Mobile Workforce
Business has become a mobile experience. Many are constantly connected to the point that we can hear business transactions at the grocery store or watch people have corporate meetings while alone in a coffee shop. Things have changed dramatically and a good chunk of the change that’s taken place can be attributed to smartphones. For...
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