The Business Degree, Redesigned. #Infographic

Business Degree

Getting a business degree used to be a prerequisite to be able to be successful and achieve executive status at major companies in the United States. That changed for a time when those who had other types of degrees (or no degrees at all) were finding success, but many companies quickly shifted back to the old mentality after not seeing the type of success they’d hoped for from people without the appropriate degrees. This trend is continuing today.

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Can You Guess What the Most Dangerous Animal on Earth Is?


When asked about dangerous animals, many people might say snakes, spiders, or other poisonous creatures. Others might point to ferocious animals like sharks, bears, or tigers. The savvy people might say that humans are the most dangerous.

They would all be wrong.

The little blood-sucking mosquito is the most dangerous creature on earth, causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people every year. Compare that to 10 deaths attributed to wolves or sharks or a hundred deaths attributed to lions and elephants and the little flying pests seem to be incredibly dangerous.

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10 Epic Birds in Singapore

Sun Conure Singapore

If you ever visit Singapore, you may want to stop off at the Jurong Bird Park. It’s the world’s largest when it comes to the total number of exotic birds with over 5000. Of the 400 species on display, here are 10 of the most unique and amazing birds around.

This infographic comes to us from Singapore Travel.

10 unique birds in Jurong Bird Park Singapore
Top 10 unique birds in Jurong Bird Park Singapore infographics is created and published by Singapore Travel Blog

Online Higher Education Revolution

A college education costs thousands of dollars, but that might be changing. If you’re headed off to university soon or know someone who is, you’ll want to learn more about the latest trend in higher education.
The growing popularity of social media has provided new opportunities for thousands of students. Online university programs are cropping up based on social media. Many of these new programs feature first class materials at little or no cost to the student. Four such programs are:
• MITx
• Khan Academy
• Coursera
• iTunes U
Even traditional college classrooms now rely on social media for homework assignments and even exams. If your college-aged student spends a lot of time on social media, he or she may be studying.
To learn more about the trend towards online education, study the infographic below.

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Education Revolution | Infographic |

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Visualizing the Differences Between Healthy Lungs & a Smoker’s Lungs

The Lung Infographic provides educational biological information about how the lungs work including an interactive visual on what a healthy lung looks like compared to a smoker’s lung. The lung infographic also provides useful links to the American Lung Association for tips on how to take care of your lungs, as well as information on how to get help to quit smoking.

Click image to enlargeLung infographicSource: AmeriHealth

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The Science of Getting Drunk

For better or worse, getting drunk and getting an education go hand in hand at college. Lets take a look at the science behind the intoxification process. Plastered, wasted, three sheets to the wind; whatever you call it, all drinkers go through pretty much the same biological process to arrive at the distination of intoxification.

The Science of Getting Drunk

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Anatomy of a Shark Attack

You have probably heard the stories about sharks attacking humans. You may have even watched one of the popular movies about shark attacks.
If you go swimming in the ocean what are the odds that a shark will actually attack you? Should you be afraid to go swimming in the ocean?
The real facts about shark attacks just might surprise you. Check out the infographic below to learn more about shark attacks.

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Anatomy of a Shark Attack | Infographic |

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Body Hacks For A Longer Life

There’s a flood of mixed messages that you get on health. But the truth is that the key to being healthy is fairly simple: live as natural a life as possible. Simple tricks go a long a way. Eat a natural diet (plants and animals). Before eating, ask yourself: could I or my neighbors have made this? Take daily walks. Get outside. Take a break and make sure to rest. Don’t let stress last beyond its usefulness.

Body Hacks

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