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College Christian Rights
The modern American college experience has been turning into a completely secular concept for decades and the indoctrination of anti-religious worldviews has been openly pervasive for years. It’s going even further lately. Now, Christian groups are expected to allow non-Christians to lead them.
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Say what you will about social media, but its impact is profound, and wide-reaching.  As a business owner, a poor review on social media can cause a drastic decline in clientele.  As a human being, being defamed on Facebook can cause you to be a party to some suspicious glances at a social gathering.  For...
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Fast Food Kids
Either First Lady Michelle Obama was right or she’s part of the reason that health among American children is deteriorating. The amount of fast food consumed by children and teens in the United States has risen dramatically and now accounts for over 12% of the calories they eat on a daily basis.
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Modafinil Smart Drug
It makes sense that a drug designed to treat narcolepsy would be a possible mental stimulant that helps healthy people find focus for activities such as taking exams. It makes even more sense that the colleges where the research on the short term effects were performed would be Harvard and Oxford.
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School Lunch
Eating is arguably the most important component of health, particularly for children. What we eat, how often we eat, and even where we eat can have lifelong effects on more than just the physical development of kids. It can affect how they operate throughout their lives in other areas as well. The meal habits of...
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Business Degree
Getting a business degree used to be a prerequisite to be able to be successful and achieve executive status at major companies in the United States. That changed for a time when those who had other types of degrees (or no degrees at all) were finding success, but many companies quickly shifted back to the...
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When asked about dangerous animals, many people might say snakes, spiders, or other poisonous creatures. Others might point to ferocious animals like sharks, bears, or tigers. The savvy people might say that humans are the most dangerous.
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Sun Conure Singapore
If you ever visit Singapore, you may want to stop off at the Jurong Bird Park. It’s the world’s largest when it comes to the total number of exotic birds with over 5000. Of the 400 species on display, here are 10 of the most unique and amazing birds around. This infographic comes to us...
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I don’t know about you, but sometimes I think my 7-year-old knows more about the various gadgets that fill our lives than I do. This infographic takes a look at how children are really on top of the whole gadget thing that’s engulfing us.
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