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8 Leadership Qualities (for quality leadership)

Leadership Qualities

There are times when in infographic depicts mountains of data in visually stunning fashion. There are others when a massive amount of effort is put into perfecting a visualization that portrays a message.

Then, there are times when a graphic simply states the truth and offers advice. These are the ones you’ll see printed out and hanging in the offices of executives around the world. This graphic by the Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness is one of those types, offering a quick hit of 8 things that leaders need to know. Click to enlarge.

8 Leadership Qualities

A Programmer’s Guide to Getting Hired By Startups

Programmers Startup

How much money are the first programmers for Google worth? What about Facebook? Tech startups often use this to lure in top talent as the dream of building something that eventually gets huge is something that can be a professional accomplishment and a huge payday; in both cases, the effects can last a lifetime.

It’s not just a matter of going to Craigslist in San Francisco and looking for a job. There’s a decision-making process involved to make sure that you’re talents are best served and your interests are in the right place. This guide by Monetate breaks it down nicely for us.

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Programmers Guide to Getting Hired

TIL Sweden Offers 480 Days of Paid Maternity (and Paternity) Leave

Baby Benefits

The United States is far behind much of the rest of the world when it comes to recognizing and rewarding the advantages of paid leave for new parents. Some countries like Sweden offer parents rights protected by law to spend the essential time necessary to raise a child in the early years of development, while the US has no federal laws. Only a handful of states offer up to 6 weeks at a greatly reduced wage.

In Sweden, mothers and fathers share 480 days of paid leave that can be spread out from 60 days prior to expected delivery up until the child turns 8. They are paid at 80% of benefits-based income (compared to 55% for 6 weeks in California). The idea is that parenting should be a shared responsibility between both parents, particularly during the early development stages of childhood.

Here’s a breakdown of how other countries treat their parent employees. Click to enlarge.

Baby Benefits

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What it Really Takes to be an “Expert”


Every professional activity requires a combination of education and experience for people to be considered “experts” in a field. How many hours does it take to be an expert in litigation? What about poker? Knitting?

This infographic by Udemy takes a look at some common activities and what is required to achieve a true level of expertise. Compared to other things, how do they stack up?

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Comparison: Airline Pilots vs Teachers, Lawyers, and Doctors

Flying High

Since the dawn of flight, being a pilot has been a highly coveted job for many young people. Airline pilots in particular get the bulk of the attention as it’s well understood that they make good money and acquire high respects from people across the nation.

This infographic by our friends at Brown Aviation explores how airline pilots compare financially to other coveted positions. Click to enlarge.

Flying High with Pilot's ROI