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In television history, there have been many iconic characters.  Some of these characters have tugged at our heartstrings with harrowing dramatic stories, some have made us laugh out loud, and reality stars have made all of us shake our heads at their incredible and inappropriate antics.  The mark of a great television show is one...
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RT Barack Obama John Kerry
Under any other circumstance, we would never applaud a press organization predicting the demise of American power, particularly if it’s a publication like Russian Times. In this case, they get a pass for being creative and for getting a spot-on representation of an old Secretary of State John Kerry.
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Cris Carter
As a news source that’s fighting against mainstream media, it behooves us to keep it classy and avoid controversial headlines. In the case of Cris Carter’s recent escapades coming to light, it’s clear that we must use creative license to tell it like it is. He’s a bonehead who made a really poor choice in...
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Fallout 4
When gaming fans have waited this long for a new chapter in a series, they’ve become accustomed to failures. Production delays, contract disputes, and unforeseen delays have forced some of the most prominent franchises to fold under the pressure. Fallout 4 may be the exception.
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Wolf of Wall Street
There are two ways to spend money. The option that most people take is to use their accumulate wealth to make a better life for themselves and their family. Sure, they might give a little to church or charity, but most of it goes to improving lifestyle. The second way to spend money is to...
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Wonder Woman
Not all superheroes are like Superman. Most of them need help to get to where they’re needed at any given time, so having a good ride is imperative. It wouldn’t be effective if they had to take a cab or drive a Camry, so they normally have something very cool to get them from point...
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Bad Movie Adaptations
What makes a film adaptation of a book work, and what makes it fail? It is really unpredictable. It can either make you enjoy the book even more, or can make you hate everything connected with the story. The quality of adaptations has been varied in the past few years. Filmmakers just cannot leave amazing...
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