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Hyperloop One
There is a new way we might be able to travel from one large city to another and it will be via one of the fastest tube style railway systems.  This new transportation system is currently called the Hyperloop One and it’s in the very early stages of design and testing to give us a...
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Cashless Society
In Sweden, apps and plastic rule. The country is on the bleeding edge of the cashless society model and those on both sides of the fence are converging on the European country to voice their support and concerns. If it works the way it’s supposed to work, will other countries start adopting the concept?
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Palestinians Killing Jews
A group called Stand With Us has reached out to Arabs and Iranians on Facebook to show their support for Israel during this tumultuous time. They asked all who are against the incitement to kill Jews to post a picture of the front of their passport with a note attached.
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Say what you will about social media, but its impact is profound, and wide-reaching.  As a business owner, a poor review on social media can cause a drastic decline in clientele.  As a human being, being defamed on Facebook can cause you to be a party to some suspicious glances at a social gathering.  For...
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License Plate Scanners
While many conspiracy theorists point to “Big Brother” as the real villain in many scenarios, few can contradict the benefits that license plate scanners and traffic photos have played in catching criminals and even saving victims. It’s an Orwellian scenario that has proven to be helpful to American society, but there are limits.
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Fast Food Kids
Either First Lady Michelle Obama was right or she’s part of the reason that health among American children is deteriorating. The amount of fast food consumed by children and teens in the United States has risen dramatically and now accounts for over 12% of the calories they eat on a daily basis.
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Mobile Addiction
Are you reading this story right now on a mobile device? If so, you’re in the majority. Because so much of the traffic that comes to this site happens on social media, it’s likely that most of the readers of this particular story are doing so on their smartphone or tablet. That’s the age we...
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Bulletproof Coffee with Butter
Coffee is to Americans as tea is to…well, everyone else. With that being said I’d like to take a moment to thank all those Bostonian’s who helped make America one of the most productive and prosperous nations in the world. It took an incredible amount of energy to obtain that status, and there’s no doubt...
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Ashley Madison Hack
Is it okay to hack a website if it’s for a good cause? Does privacy supersede decency? In a world where public shaming has become commonplace, should we view the hackers of marital cheating site Ashley Madison as heroes or villains?
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Amazon Dash Button
If there’s something that annoys most people, it’s running out of the things that we always need. Toilet paper, coffee, detergent – having to run to the store for something simple like that can be a hassle. Amazon has the answer in their new Dash buttons.
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