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Fashionable Finances

Fashionable Finances

In a down economy, the last thing on most people’s minds is fashion (at least it should be). The frivolous spending that is required to look great is something that many people put aside.

That is, unless you’re living in America, where it seems that fashion is always a “necessity” in one way or another. As our friends at Mint put it:

“Clothes shopping: for some it’s an addiction, for others it’s a fun pastime or possibly just another chore. A look into our data shows one thing is clear – Mint users dedicate between 15-23 percent of their discretionary spending towards apparel. While nobody spends more per month on a dollar-basis than Manhattanites, their Brooklyn-based neighbors are actually spending a bigger portion of their budget on clothes. Meanwhile, Denver-dwelling Minters spend the smallest percentage of their discretionary cash on clothes, but dollar-for-dollar, it’s Mint users in Tucson who pay the least for their clothes.”

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Fashion by Mint

Trust in America’s Public Schools Continues to Decline

Public Schools

Only 1/3 of Americans have faith in the public school system.

Between lack of funding, gang violence, and general shift in western society’s opinions on just about anything that the government has a hand in, the perception of public schools has been on a steady decline for the last 30 years. The educational system as a whole is viewed poorly, but sending kids to public schools in particular is becoming a much less attractive prospect than it was a couple of decades ago.

According to GOOD:

“According to a Gallup poll released in July, Americans are more confident in their local police force and small businesses than in their communities’ public schools. Whether they attribute the problems to lack of funding or gang violence, policymakers and parents alike believe that the nation’s schools are failing children.”

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Faith in Public Schools

Understanding the 4Cs of Diamonds


They’re a girl’s best friend. They can often be found in the rough. They are the epitome of style, fashion, wealth, and status. Diamonds have been an important part of jewelry and decor for centuries. Still, very few truly understand the most basic aspects of them. That’s where our friends at Brilliance come in to help clarify.

When buying a diamond online or a at a local jeweler it is important to understand how they are evaluated. By clarifying the most important characteristics – carat, color, clarity, cut, and shape – you can ensure the maximum value and quality of your selections.

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4C’s of Loose Diamonds

15 Ways To Stay Cool in the Heat

Keep Cool

Summer’s almost over, but it’s still pretty darn hot outside. What are you doing to keep cool? There are many ways, but most of us just turn up our air conditioning and roll with it. This isn’t the only way to do it.

This graphic by Become breaks down 15 ways that we can stay cool even when it’s scorching hot outside.

For example, “This may seem counter intuitive but eating spicy food causes you to sweat without raising your body temperature. Sweating is your body’s way to cool down quickly. This is the reason why so many desert cultures have such spicy food.”

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Keeping Cool