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Tomb of the Unknowns
There may be travel advisories abound and people huddling by their fireplaces waiting for the epic northeast snowstorm of 2016 to pass, but the soldiers who guard the Tomb of the Unknowns don’t get a break. They’ll be standing guard no matter how bad the weather gets. It started on April 6, 1948, and hasn’t...
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Donald Trump PT Cruiser
As the GOP nomination process pushes along, frontrunner Donald Trump has failed to fall the way that most pundits predicted for months. Now that more people are taking him seriously, it’s time to examine why he is leading despite having the strongest pack of candidates the Republican party has seen in decades.
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Palestinians Killing Jews
A group called Stand With Us has reached out to Arabs and Iranians on Facebook to show their support for Israel during this tumultuous time. They asked all who are against the incitement to kill Jews to post a picture of the front of their passport with a note attached.
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Islamic State ideological seduction
As a parent, it’s difficult to imagine my children ever talking to an Islamic State recruiter online, let alone fall to their temptations. After watching a recent New York Times video, it’s easy to see how the vulnerable can be swayed. What can parents do to prevent conversion to Islam or even full recruitment into...
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Ashley Madison Hack
Is it okay to hack a website if it’s for a good cause? Does privacy supersede decency? In a world where public shaming has become commonplace, should we view the hackers of marital cheating site Ashley Madison as heroes or villains?
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Jamyla Bolden
There is a certain righteousness that surrounds the #BlackLivesMatter cause. Those who deny that there’s a problem are missing the point. However, the problem is bigger than even the protesters know and they’re not doing much about it. Outrage over another death in Ferguson was noticeably missing this week.
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Euthanizing Humans
There have been many debates for decades (perhaps centuries) about the ethics and morality of allowing people to die when it can be prevented. There are those who, because of medical problems, simply cannot have a proper quality of life, so their right to die has been a topic of discussion.
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Craig Newmark
Everyone knows that Craigslist is a great place to buy stuff, sell stuff, look for a job, and occasionally find strange listings that are pretty funny. What you may not know is that Craig Newmark, the founder of the classified website, has another big project that he’s been working on this year.
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Jolie Pitt
It can be tough being the kid of celebrities. There is constant attention given to them even before they are old enough to understand that they’re situation isn’t like the situation that other kids go through. They might be born with a silver spoon in their mouths, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy.
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The idea that pornography is spreading as a drug is one that has started taking home. However, it continues to increase and spreads to the children and teens of the world. They’re simply getting introduced to it much more easily than before because of the rise of the internet. In the infographic below, we explore...
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