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How Americans Treat Discretionary Income

Discretionary Dough

It’s a topic that hasn’t been discussed in a while, at least not from a positive perspective. The downturn in recent years of the economy had many running for the hills and stuffing money under their mattresses because there just wasn’t enough to go around otherwise. In 2012, many have started to breath again and the extra income that doesn’t go towards bills and living has started coming in again.

This infographic by Mint breaks down the ways that Americans are spending their discretionary income. Click to enlarge.

Discretionary Income

This is Why You’re Fat, America: Swelling Food Servings

Food Servings

Americans eat too much. It’s a fact. We’re eating more often and when we eat, the portions are larger. It’s not across the board; many are heading in the opposite direction. Still, the trend is that more people are eating more food more regularly. It’s a “more” society.

Click to view the full infographic.

Swelling Servings

(Via: Massive Health. H/T: Florence Alabama Used Cars)

Land Lords: How the American Dream was Rented Out

Land Lords

There’s nothing wrong with owning land, renting it to other people, and establishing an empire through which the toils of others can translate into a place to reside. The American dream may have originally been about owning a home and building a future, but tough economic times have forced many to forgo ownership and achieve their dreams through other means.

This infographic explores the top 10 land owners in the United States.

Click to enlarge.

Land Lords

29% of Americans are Engaged with their Jobs


It’s sad, but this number shouldn’t surprise anyone. If anything, it may even seem high depending on where you work and what your opinion of your employer is. With 52% saying they’re not engaged and 18% saying their disengaged, one might wonder what it really takes to motivate employees.

If one were wondering that, our friends at Rypple have the answer in their most recent infographic.

Click to enlarge.

Slackers at Work

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