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Ted Cruz pulling Ron Paul libertarians over to his camp

Ted Cruz Ron Paul

For decades, Ron Paul was the popular face and mouthpiece for the Libertarian Movement. It made sense when his son, Senator Rand Paul, announced his candidacy that he would pick up his father’s mantle just as Elisha did when Elijah was taken up. With Paul’s campaign dying and his politics leaning more towards standard Republican rather than pure Libertarianism, some started looking for a better representative for their cause. Read More

Strong points made for the preference of Christian refugees

Christian Refugees from the Middle East

As many countries promote a desire and often a mandate to give preference to Christian refugees coming from the Middle East over Muslim refugees, a debate rages about the thin line between bigotry and practicality. One of the points that’s not being argued is about the status of circumstances that separate Christian refugees from Muslim refugees. Read More

Thomas Sowell compares Donald Trump to Obama, Hitler

Donald Trump Egomaniac

When something is so clear, it baffles those who see it when others simply do not. Thankfully, there are people who have earned enough respect that their opinions can make a difference and enlighten those who are in the dark. Conservative political philosopher and economist Thomas Sowell is one of those people and he’s trying to alert the GOP masses about the problems with Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Read More