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Cruz sends Obama detailed plans to properly handle North Korea… and they’re brilliant

Ted Cruz North Korea

In the last GOP debate, Ted-Cruz-hater¬†Martha Raddatz tried to corner the Senator into supporting a preemptive strike on North Korea’s missile launch facility on the day that they launched a nuclear test rocket. It was one of many embarrassing moments for the ABC News journalist and debate moderator, to which Cruz responded that he would need to read the intelligence briefings before choosing a course of action. Read More

Can Ted Cruz sneak up to 2nd in New Hampshire?

Marco Rubio Ted Cruz New Hampshire

Most of the polls leading up to the New Hampshire primary are showing Ted Cruz either 3rd or 4th. The Boston Globe poll even shows him at 5th. Following the ABC News GOP Debate, Cruz and frontrunner Donald Trump did very little to help or hurt their cases. but one notable exchange between Marco Rubio and Chris Christie may have done some real damage to the candidate that most believe will finish 2nd in the state. Read More

Why Republicans should hope for a Clinton nomination: ‘That’s what they offered’

Hillary Clinton That's What They Offered

In 2012, Republicans virtually declawed themselves from being able to attack President Obama’s most vulnerable spot: Obamacare. Had Newt Gingrich or even Rick Santorum won the nomination, the Republicans would have been able to use the skepticism felt by many Independents to turn the tide in the election. Instead, they nominated the one man with no real credibility in attacking Obamacare. Romneycare’s architect was a poor choice. Read More

Cruz signs Balanced Budget Amendment pledge. Here’s why others won’t do the same.

Balanced Budget Amendment

There’s a challenge with proposing a balanced budget amendment. It’s not popular with sitting politicians. It basically says that the freedoms that past politicians exploited to spend money irresponsibly won’t be applied to current politicians. This terrifies any politician who doesn’t have fiscal responsibility on their agenda. Read More