Bill Clinton Terrorist Attacks
He may have been knee-deep in retirement and dwelling on his legacy at the time, but September 11, 2001 was more than just a terrible day for Bill Clinton as an American. It marked a failure from his administration if you believe the memo that the Central Intelligence Agency put out about the terrorist attacks.
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Israel Jerusalem Passport Debate
It’s not a big news story. In fact, if you get your news from mainstream media, chances are that you didn’t hear about it at all. The United States Supreme Court decided to stay out of the fight between President Barack Obama and the state of Israel by letting him continue to make policy regarding...
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Saudi Female Driver
It’s pretty difficult for those of us in western society to have any comprehension at all about the life of those in eastern countries, particularly those with completely different laws, lifestyles, and worldviews. Take, for example, driving. It’s something that the vast majority of boys and girls dream of doing when they turn driving age,...
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Most of us who live in urban areas see some animals every day, but rarely do we see different ones from the normal city folks. In the rainforests of the world, the diversity of species is so spectacular that it’s often mind-blowing.
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Retail to the Rescue
The US economy is tied directly into the status of jobs. Jobs are tied in to a large extent to the status of retail industries. As a result, the retail industry is both an important indicator as well as a source of strength or weakness for the entire economy. This graphic by Milo examines how...
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Occupy This
I’ll admit it. I was extremely skeptical when the #OWS movement first started. It wasn’t that I didn’t think they had valid points or initial passion, but I really thought the momentum would die once temperatures dropped below 60 degrees. Oh, how wrong I was. Now, occupying has become a trend of its own. People...
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Social Justice
Compared to the rest of the world, the United States ranks surprisingly low when it comes to “social justice” metrics. Those watching or participating in the Occupy Wall Street movement would only disagree with the surprise-aspect of the graphic. They’re aware of the problems facing Americans today. Still, it’s amazing to see some of the...
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Recession Paradox
There are perceptions will will almost always persist when it comes to the economy, particularly when it’s in as bad of shape as it’s in currently. Are these perceptions accurate? According to recent data, they are not. Click to enlarge.
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