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Let’s dispel with this fiction that Marco Rubio knows what he’s doing. He’s just a pawn.

Marco Rubio Fiction

Behind closed doors, Marco Rubio is telling people that his path to the nomination will run through a contested convention. He’s saying these things because he’s being told these things by his Republican Establishment handlers. The reality is this: he is being played for a rube and the Establishment is trying to use him to block Ted Cruz from blocking Donald Trump. Read More

Supreme Court. Personal Liberties. National Security. Now more than ever, we need Ted Cruz.

Nominate Ted Cruz

America is staring down at a precipice and the liberals in Washington DC are trying to push us over the edge. It’s not just the Democrats. Many Republican lawmakers betrayed our trust once we gave them control of Congress by squandering the opportunity to halt President Obama’s disastrous policies and massive expenditures. This has to stop. The line must be drawn right here, right now. Read More

Suspending Disbelief: PLEASE don’t support Trump because you believe his nomination is a foregone conclusion

Donald Trump Foregone Conclusion

If you’re a stalwart, die-hard Donald Trump supporter, you’re already lost and you’re taking the party down a dark path to another general election loss. If you’re one of those who will consider Trump because you believe his victory is already solidified, read on. The path to the nomination is far from over and Trump hasn’t been crowned yet. Read More

In these troubling times, the US military must grow despite complaints from the left

F-22 Raptor

The decimation of the United States military under President Obama requires a major upgrade. Even the most fiscal conservatives look around at the Islamic State, North Korea, Russia, Iran, and even China and realize that in the coming years, the need to have enough muscle to flex may be required to prevent actual American lives from being lost. Read More

I want to support Donald Trump but his supporters sound like fools

Trump Supporters

Unlike the majority of my cohorts, I’m coming in late to the political discussion. It may sound sad, but the next debate will be the first that I watch. It’s not that I’m apolitical. I’ve always been one to start investigating candidates after the storylines are a little more clear. I only need to look at all of the research my sister did on Carly Fiorina to support my contention that it’s a waste of time until shortly after the primary season starts. Read More