Ben Carson Sharia Law
It’s a subtle distinction for those who understand the connection. Unlike other religions that identify more with the teachings and doctrines rather than the governance within their religions, Sharia and Islam are often very closely tied together. To believe in Sharia law is to be a Muslim. To be a Muslim is to follow Sharia...
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The ideologies of the left and right have been practiced throughout the centuries in nearly all democratic societies, and in these countries we can see the fruit of those agendas and ideologies today.
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Christian Refugees from the Middle East
As many countries promote a desire and often a mandate to give preference to Christian refugees coming from the Middle East over Muslim refugees, a debate rages about the thin line between bigotry and practicality. One of the points that’s not being argued is about the status of circumstances that separate Christian refugees from Muslim...
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Islamic State ideological seduction
As a parent, it’s difficult to imagine my children ever talking to an Islamic State recruiter online, let alone fall to their temptations. After watching a recent New York Times video, it’s easy to see how the vulnerable can be swayed. What can parents do to prevent conversion to Islam or even full recruitment into...
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Islamic State forcing Christians to sign a contract
In the province of Damascus where the Islamic State now controls, Christians were gathered in a theater and forced to sign a contract with heavy stipulations and taxation. The contract will give them a status of second-class citizen and forces them to “respect” Islam.
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In God We Trust Police Car
The fights over religious liberties have been going on since the dawn of the country but in recent months it has hit a fever pitch. A recent and ongoing battle is over the addition of the words “In God We Trust” to the backs of police cars in several law enforcement agencies around the country.
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Israel Antiquities Authority
One of the biggest risks with storing ancient artifacts in a single location is that they can be susceptible to disaster. Whether it’s natural disasters or man-made such as the problems that the Islamic State is creating for antiquities in the Middle East, single points of storage can put history at risk.
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Synagogue at Magdala Israel
Excavations in Migdal, Israel, have resulted in an intriguing find. They believe they have found Magdala, the ancient city in northern Israel that is believed to be the home of Mary Magdalene. There, they discovered an ornate synagogue that may have been preached at by Jesus Christ.
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Charles Darwin Theory of Evolution
Charles Darwin is widely recognized as the father of the theory of evolution. His research became the basis for the expansion of ideas concerning an old universe, gradual change amongst species, and development of modern species as a result of adjustments throughout time. There’s a flaw that he noted in his research that has never...
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