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Paris Climate Talks
There is much ado about nothing happening in Paris right now. It’s the largest gathering of world leaders ever assembled with the intention of saving the planet from the environmental evils of humanity. It represents hope, action, and unification of a divided world for a singular cause. The problem is that the attention it’s getting...
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Cone of Shame
It’s common for pet owners to spay or neuter their dogs and cats. The process is on that requires pain and maintenance; dogs hate wearing the “cone of shame” that prevents them from chewing on their stitches. A new “vaccine” could be used to sterilize them quickly and without the dreaded cone.
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ISS Crosses Sun
The International Space Station (ISS) has been circling us overhead for a long time and most people have never seen it. An opportunity arose and one photographer decided to take it, capturing it in five different positions as it crossed between the earth and the Sun.
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Modafinil Smart Drug
It makes sense that a drug designed to treat narcolepsy would be a possible mental stimulant that helps healthy people find focus for activities such as taking exams. It makes even more sense that the colleges where the research on the short term effects were performed would be Harvard and Oxford.
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Charles Darwin Theory of Evolution
Charles Darwin is widely recognized as the father of the theory of evolution. His research became the basis for the expansion of ideas concerning an old universe, gradual change amongst species, and development of modern species as a result of adjustments throughout time. There’s a flaw that he noted in his research that has never...
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Fish Ecology
Things above the water are often easier to understand than those things that happen in the seas. Because of the vastness, it’s impossible to know when there are plenty of fish in an area to be caught and when catching too many fish can lead to an ecological collapse. The balance is a gentle one...
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We know very little about the “planet” Pluto because it’s (usually) the furthest planet from us. NASA has the New Horizons mission that has been heading out to study the tiny planet for a while. Now, it’s getting close enough to make it infographic-worthy!
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When asked about dangerous animals, many people might say snakes, spiders, or other poisonous creatures. Others might point to ferocious animals like sharks, bears, or tigers. The savvy people might say that humans are the most dangerous.
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There’s a fundamental psychology behind visualizations that make them work. Reading is fine. Audio and video are often the best. When data must be seen and engulfed in order to make an impact, this is where infographics have their niche in our attentions. In this very simple infographic from Hubshout, they explore the reasons that...
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Heart Transplant Surgery
One of the scariest and riskiest operations to have performed is a heart transplant. It’s normally a last resort but is effective in eliminating many challenges that humans face. There are over 3000 heart transplants performed every year. Knowing the facts can help you make a determination of whether you or a loved on should...
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