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Hamas Tank
Terrorist group Hamas has had a history of making bold claims that cannot be backed up with any form of reality. This time, they tried their best to roll out a terrifying claim, but the end result is more ridicule as the radical Islamic terrorists fail to inspire the fear they desired.
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Say what you will about social media, but its impact is profound, and wide-reaching.  As a business owner, a poor review on social media can cause a drastic decline in clientele.  As a human being, being defamed on Facebook can cause you to be a party to some suspicious glances at a social gathering.  For...
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ATT Fiber Optics
Monday night AT&T fiber optic cables were cut in Livermore, CA just outside San Francisco. The cables carry vast amounts of information such as emails, phone calls, computer transactions, and even security camera feeds.
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Pensacola Ritual Killing Home
Last week’s blue moon brought more than astronomers and stargazers out to see. Apparently, it brought some sort of cult killers to play in Pensacola, Florida, leaving three people dead in what officials are calling a likely “ritualistic killing” style.
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Chain Saw
Police offices are often put in strange situations when pursuing suspects. Officers with the Lufkin Police Department in Texas might have one of the stranger tales to tell as they chased a man in a truck who was tossing chain saws at them.
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Weaponized Drone
Imagine a drone being used in a terrorist plot. A hand grenade is attached to a drone that drops it into a crowded area. No suicide bombers to recruit. Very little chance of being caught in the act, especially considering that it doesn’t even need to be remote; programmed flight plans can have all of...
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Star Ship Enterprise
When British scientist Roger Shawyer first envisioned a new way to travel to the moon just after the turn of the century, he didn’t anticipate the connections that would be made between his concept and the impulse drive used by the fictional Star Ship Enterprise in Star Trek. Of course, those connections have been made.
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