Cell Phone Evolution #Infographic

Big Cell Phone

Cell phones started off really, really big. Then, they got smaller, in some cases much smaller. Now, it would seem that they’re getting much bigger again. The personal computers in our pockets may not get as large as the cell phone above, but they’re getting pretty large.

The graphic below from Fremtidensbusiness illustrates the evolution of cell phones over the decades. Read more

Building a Website, 2015 Edition

Responsive Websites

Responsive is the name of the game… for now. In all actuality, despite the hoopla over Google and others adoring responsive website design, it’s not as necessary as many think it to be. In fact, there are advantages to other types of websites that can help in certain industries and for certain purposes in ways that responsive simply cannot. Read more

Teens and Porn Infographic

Teens and Porn Infographic

The idea that pornography is spreading as a drug is one that has started taking home. However, it continues to increase and spreads to the children and teens of the world. They’re simply getting introduced to it much more easily than before because of the rise of the internet.

In the infographic below, we explore the concept that teens are being corrupted more and more by the evils of pornagraphy. The stats in here are pretty scary, especially if you’re a parent trying to raise your children the right way. Read more

Yet Another Samsung vs Apple Comparison

Yet Another Samsung vs Apple Comparison

If you couldn’t tell by the headline, I’ve grown pretty sick of these. Yes, we know. Samsung and Apple hate each other. They’re the two big dogs in the kennel. They own the smartphone market. They’re mortal enemies. Blah blah blah.

But wait! This infographic is actually pretty decent. It isn’t completely slanted in one direction or another. I subtly plays on the political spectrum with the red and blue motif. This is a little different than the other 62 Samsung vs Apple infographics built in the last 90 days. Read more

Google Voice Search versus Siri

Google Voice Search versus Siri

This is one of those debates that can likely only be answered by the users and will be biased based upon their preference. Android lovers will say their app works the best, while iOS fans will vote for Siri. We may never have a definitive answer, but we can definitely speculate and this infographic by IntelliResponse gives us a nice amount of information to try to give viewers some perspective, particularly if they’re not currently swayed in one direction or the other.

Hat tip to Miami Chevrolet for finding this one. Read more

Making Responsive Web Design Work

Responsive Design

Responsive web design isn’t new. Most designers are well aware of the qualities that it brings to the table, making it to where websites can often render properly and completely on devices of all ranges. It can improve the mobile experience with deviating from the full-screen website and allows designers to maintain a steady aesthetic across all devices.

It’s also challenging to sell to clients who do not understand it. Also, websites that rely heavily on third party applications have challenges if those widgets are not compatible in a responsive manner. Regardless of the potential drawbacks, the benefits are clear. With Google and Apple both agreeing that it’s the way to go, we may see responsive web design become the norm.

Here’s an infographic from WhoIsHostingThis that gives us a nice breakdown of the responsive web design world.

Responsive Web Design Infographic

The Energy Industy in 2040

Solar Energy

It’s impossible to see into the distant future, especially when it comes to technology. Many of the things that are commonplace today were barely dreams just five years ago, yet we still have our eyes pointed to distant technological advances molded by a worldview that is more akin to Star Trek than anything that we could possibly imagine based upon the current trajectory of society.

Technology is starting to really solve the problems associated with acquiring, storing, and saving energy. The automotive industry in particular is making strides as companies like Ford, Volvo, and Mercedes are all pushing the limits beyond the standard “hybrid” or “plugin” model. They are exploring new ways to think about energy and propelling cars along the road. We can expect some pretty amazing things from them in the future.

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Online Video Growth Cannot Be Stopped

Online Video

Unless you either live in a place where the internet is not powerful enough to support online video or you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, it’s clear that online videos have become a huge thing. YouTube isn’t the only player, but they certainly have much of the market cornered on the growing trend.

This infographic from Flimp Media breaks down the trends and shows us a glimpse of what we can expect in the future.

Online Video Growth Will Not Be Stopped Infographic

Is Social Media Bad For Your Phone? #infographic

Is Social Media Bad For Your Phone? #infographic

Social Media Apps

Phones have a big enough problem with battery life without the constant pinging that most of our social media apps do. Even when they’re just sitting there doing nothing, our phones are often busy getting our Facebook updates ready to present, seeing if there are any new direct messages on Twitter, and letting us know when our Google+ friend is about to have a birthday. It can be daunting.