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Hyperloop One
There is a new way we might be able to travel from one large city to another and it will be via one of the fastest tube style railway systems.  This new transportation system is currently called the Hyperloop One and it’s in the very early stages of design and testing to give us a...
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Fingerprint Money
It’s time to put on your tinfoil hat. The conspiracy theorists who have been warning about the New World Order forcing a one-world currency are going to be screaming soon enough that they were right. While that’s premature, it’s interesting to see what’s being tested in Japan right now.
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Cashless Society
In Sweden, apps and plastic rule. The country is on the bleeding edge of the cashless society model and those on both sides of the fence are converging on the European country to voice their support and concerns. If it works the way it’s supposed to work, will other countries start adopting the concept?
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No Comment
One of the most important things that the internet brought to the table was a venue through which people could express their opinions about news and topics. The use of online comments that followed news stories and blog posts has empowered the people. Unfortunately, many have abused it.
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Amazon Echo
Technology keeps getting better and better.  What used to be four D cell batteries in a boom box pumping out the jams from our favorite cassettes, morphed into spinning a CD in a portable player powered by rechargeable batteries.   Since then, music has become even more accessible, playing through our phones, IPods, and even our...
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Metadata Drone Strikes
On Sunday Apple removed another app from its App Store, Metadata+. The app gave notifications on U.S. drone activity. It sent a message giving the reason for the removal that said, Apple has removed Metadata+ from the App Store due to “excessively crude or objectionable content. Thank you.”
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Apple Hack
More than three dozen popular Chinese iPhone and iPad apps, such as Tencent Holdings’ WeChat, were found to be infected with malicious malware from XcodeGhost, according to researchers at Alibaba Mobile Security and Palo Alto Networks.
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ATT Fiber Optics
Monday night AT&T fiber optic cables were cut in Livermore, CA just outside San Francisco. The cables carry vast amounts of information such as emails, phone calls, computer transactions, and even security camera feeds.
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Islamic State Hackers
It may not be a surprise that the Department of Energy was hacked over one thousand times in just 4 years. There have been numerous attacks on many government agencies and they are only getting worse. How much damage has and can be done?
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LAPD Body Cameras
Starting Monday, August 31st, LAPD will implement body cameras. It has taken two years for everything to come together.
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