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A History of Algorithms that Changed Our World #Infographic

When people hear of algorithms, they normally think of Google or other internet companies that use algorithms to determine results such as the search engine results pages. They’ve actually been around for quite a long time as this infographic demonstrates.

An infographic by the team at College Degree Search

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App Creation Tools that don’t Suck


There’s very little doubt that mobile is taking over the world and apps are taking over mobile. If anything, there are way too many apps out there, much more than a person could browse if that’s all they did from the moment they woke up until they went to bed with their eyes bleeding. As a result, the app world is clearly a very competitive one.

Marketing an app is the key to getting exposure, but you have to build one first that doesn’t suck. The best marketing and the biggest budgets in the world cannot overcome the negatives of a bad app, which is why app tools are extremely important. In this infographic by ASO Professional, they look at some of the best app tools on the marketing.

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Being First isn’t Always Best for Tech Startups

Business Plan

Companies come and go and one thing that can be said for certain about tech startups is that being first doesn’t necessarily guarantee being around when a product or service really starts to take hold. That was the case for the three companies listed in the infographic below, as they all know too well that their efforts did not translate into supremacy despite bringing amazing technology to the table.

This infographic from Visually comes to us thanks to Milwaukee Ford Dealers. Click to enlarge.

Tech Companies

How the New iPad Steamlines Our Digital Lives

The New iPad

There are those who believe that the new iPad is a waste of money. They say they can get more out of cheaper tablets or avoid the tablet revolution altogether. Many of the people who are saying these things have gadgets that the iPad could completely replace.

Here, Tacoma Nissan takes a look at some of the advantages of having an iPad that can actually make things easier and save money. Click to enlarge.

The New iPad

Is Seattle The New Silicon Valley?

Seattle Next Silicon Valley

There is a lot that can be said about Silicon Valley, but one thing that everyone who has ever lived there knows is that it’s expensive. Seattle has emerged as a place that’s close enough to San Francisco with its own major business presence but with much lower costs of doing business.

Is Seattle a better choice for the next batch of tech startups? That’s the concept that Seattle Nissan explores in their latest infographic. Click to enlarge.

Seattle Silicon Valley

A Programmer’s Guide to Getting Hired By Startups

Programmers Startup

How much money are the first programmers for Google worth? What about Facebook? Tech startups often use this to lure in top talent as the dream of building something that eventually gets huge is something that can be a professional accomplishment and a huge payday; in both cases, the effects can last a lifetime.

It’s not just a matter of going to Craigslist in San Francisco and looking for a job. There’s a decision-making process involved to make sure that you’re talents are best served and your interests are in the right place. This guide by Monetate breaks it down nicely for us.

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Programmers Guide to Getting Hired

PC Gaming vs Console Gaming

Gaming Wars

There are those who use both consoles and PCs for their gaming needs. Some of these people are hardcore gamers. Some are simply well-off and can afford such luxuries.

For the rest of us, we must choose. Gaming as an industry is getting bigger every year and the two major segments – PC and console – have been going at it to win our hearts, minds, and thumbs for over a decade. Let’s take a look at the numbers behind the battle.

This infographic by IgniteGT breaks it down nicely for us.

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PC Gaming vs Console Gaming

Smartphones: The New Mobile Workforce

Smartphone Mobile Workforce

Business has become a mobile experience. Many are constantly connected to the point that we can hear business transactions at the grocery store or watch people have corporate meetings while alone in a coffee shop.

Things have changed dramatically and a good chunk of the change that’s taken place can be attributed to smartphones. For better or for worse, they have started dominating the way that we live our lives. Our tools have become out masters in many ways. Whether we like it or not, many of us are now part of the new mobile workforce, as our friends at SocialCast put it.

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Smartphone Mobile Workforce