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Kyrgyzstan Russia
Medical, educational, and military help wasn’t enough to get Kyrgyzstan to renew the 22-year treaty with the United States. Now, it seems like they are sending out a new message according to political analyst Alisher Khamidov: “We¬†arewith Russia.”
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Fish Ecology
Things above the water are often easier to understand than those things that happen in the seas. Because of the vastness, it’s impossible to know when there are plenty of fish in an area to be caught and when catching too many fish can lead to an ecological collapse. The balance is a gentle one...
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These are two of the fastest maneuvering birds in the world. Rarely do we get to see them in action, at least to this extent. But, some have decided to take it a step further by attaching cameras on the back of these magnificent creatures. And what was captured on camera for the first time...
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