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Conspiracy theorists cringe: fingerprint currency could be on its way

It’s time to put on your tinfoil hat. The conspiracy theorists who have been warning about the New World Order forcing a one-world currency are going to be screaming soon enough that they were right. While that’s premature, it’s interesting to see what’s being tested in Japan right now.

The Japanese government is testing a way for tourists to use just their fingerprint in order to make purchases when visiting the country. It’s being done in preparation for the 2020 Olympics when the island nation is expecting to receive a huge number of tourists. The idea is that it will prevent tourists from having to carry cash or credit cards while visiting, reducing crime and making purchases much easier than standard money exchange scenarios.

300 stores, restaurants, and hotels will be participating in the early parts of the experiment with hopes of expanding the operation before the Olympics.

Fingerprint Money Scanner

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