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Cris Carter. Bonehead.

As a news source that’s fighting against mainstream media, it behooves us to keep it classy and avoid controversial headlines. In the case of Cris Carter’s recent escapades coming to light, it’s clear that we must use creative license to tell it like it is. He’s a bonehead who made a really poor choice in giving advice to rookies entering the NFL.

The former star wide receiver and television personality was speaking with Warren Sapp to new NFL players when he told them they needed to get a “fall guy” in their “crew” in case they want to get in trouble. In other words, he told them that they needed someone to take the blame if they’re out breaking the law. This isn’t the type of advice you’d expect from a Hall of Famer, let alone something that’s being said to new players.

Was it good advice? If you believe that the rich and famous football players can’t control themselves and some of them are simply going to break the law, then the advice was fine, albeit controversial. If you believe that they need to be held at higher standards as everyone else rather than lower standards, then you probably agree with our assessment that he’s a bonehead.

It’s a shame when someone so respected in the sport makes such a terrible mistake, but you can’t change the way people feel. You can only hope they have enough sense to keep their bad advice private rather than in front a group of impressionable young players.

He’s even being called a hypocrite for being so indignant about #DeflateGate but seemingly okay when it comes to advising people how to break the law.

It will be pretty hard for the guy to have credibility in the industry again. He’s always going to be a bonehead.

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