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Downplay Super Tuesday for Cruz all you want. Oklahoma was a shocking win.

If you listen to the mainstream media narrative, Ted Cruz was supposed to win Oklahoma. If you look at everything else from polls just prior to Super Tuesday to the alleged domination by Donald Trump over the entire electorate, you’ll notice that this was the most surprising win of the primary cycle to date. Cruz should have lost big time in Oklahoma.

The three polls taken in the weak leading up to Super Tuesday all had Trump with a double-digit lead. They averaged 11.4% in favor of Trump. The end result was that Cruz won by over 6%. How were the polls, mainstream media, and pretty much every pundit in the nation so wrong?

Perhaps the answer lies in the way that polls and voting work. With polls, one does not have to register to vote. They have to claim that they’re registered. One does not have to be a Republican to participate in a Republican poll. They simply have to pretend to be a Republican. However, in this closed primary, they must be Republicans in order to vote for a Republican in Oklahoma. Therein lies the likeliest reason that Cruz beat Trump in a 17% reversal: Democrats weren’t able to sabotage the nomination by voting for the only candidate they have a chance of beating with Hillary Clinton.

The media, after saying they expected Trump to sweep with the slight possibility that Cruz could pull out a win in his home state, pretended like Cruz was expected to win Oklahoma all along. They pointed out that it neighbored his home state and used every trick in the book to convince voters that it was no big deal. In reality, it was huge.

You’ll probably also notice that they downplayed the Cruz victory in Alaska. Trump should have dominated in Alaska after their favorite Republican daughter, Sarah Palin, endorsed Trump. As it turns out, her endorsement may have done nothing to help Trump. Considering she couldn’t deliver her home state, what good is she for the campaign?

The media and the Republican Establishment will do everything they can to keep Ted Cruz away from the nomination. We the People have the power to see the truth and make it happen.

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