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Democrats may be ready for socialism and that should scare every American

There was a time not too long ago when socialism was a concept akin to communism. It didn’t make sense to the vast majority of Americans to take as much as possible from the rich and use it to fund the poor while moving the middle class to the edge of poverty. The thinking was that capitalism worked and socialism had not.

Things have changed. Socialism hasn’t. We can see that every time socialism in whole or in part is embraced by the people that it never delivers what they thought it could. When the country with the largest oil reserves in the world, Venezuela, is on the verge of a catastrophic financial collapse after years of socialism, we should all mark it down as a failed experiment even when modern thought is applied. For some reason, many Americans are starting to wonder if Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton may have a point with their policies.

This is, of course, completely asinine. Socialism only works on a small scale or in a short term. Human nature dictates that the desire to work hard to increase personal prosperity declines sharply when the hard work is done in an effort for the greater good of the community. The truth is this: socialism would totally work if we were not sinful by nature and selfish by design. Since the bulk of the masses are incapable of true socialistic patriotism, the concept cannot work. Still, some Americans are buying into it.

What we’ve seen as a country with President Obama has just been a taste of the potential of socialistic ideas. Obamacare was the blueprint. To most liberals, it doesn’t matter that it has been a fiscal failure and that if it’s allowed to continue it will make the problem of social security seem minuscule by comparison. The short term idea of getting insurance to more Americans is being ballyhooed as a success and therefore socialism is starting to creep into mainstream thought.

We’ve already forgotten about Greece.

There are conservative ways to help those in need without embracing income equality or bombastic tax plans. The tax and spend mentality fixes problems in the very short term while making bigger problems in the long term.

There’s one important point that everyone needs to understand. Hillary Clinton’s “evolution” over the last few years has brought her to the point that her proposed policies are sounding more and more like Bernie Sanders. This is by design. She sees the groundswell of progressives pushing extremely liberal ideas and she wants to be a part of that. Her hope is that the moderates and left-leaning independents will still vote for her if they have on the other side Ben Carson or Ted Cruz, so she’s banking on getting the far left out in force.

This stuff doesn’t work. It’s never worked. We can point to short term gains in some countries with some programs, but a country with the economic clout of the United States would be crushed under its own weight if a socialist agenda is engaged.

It’s easy to embrace the idea of “income equality” when there are so many poor and out of work, but we have to look at the bigger picture. If socialism is brought to America through Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, the next Presidential election will be about how to turn around the financial cataclysm that the country will find itself in.

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