Despite slim chances, Democrats take aim at Rand Paul’s Senate seat

Rand Paul Senate Seat

Mark this down on the list of things that probably won’t happen. Then again, Donald Trump leading the pack in January would have also been on that list just a few months ago, so this political season is definitely a crazy one. Democrats hope it will get crazier as they keep an eye on Rand Paul’s Senate seat.

The most likely challenger will be Jim Grey, mayor of Lexington, KY. He’s popular and has been considering the run for a seat that was once considered to be locked in. However, Paul has had challenges along the way in his Presidential campaign and seems to be worn down from the run. While it’s still unlikely, the Democrats are not counting it out as a possibility.

Whether there’s any teeth to this or not, it should give Paul pause about his Presidential campaign. He won’t win the GOP nomination, but if he continues it could also cost him his Senate seat in a year when the Republican majority will be challenged.

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