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Dodge Journey is made for… journeys

To take a journey is to literally travel from one place to another.  There is no question of distance, it does not need to be to a remote location, and there are no requirement placed on where you have to go; it is just the act of traveling.  Since 1914, Dodge Motors has been specializing in helping people take a journey.  Whether it’s the journey of your life, a cross country trek during which you plan to find out a little more about yourself or the simple act of traveling to work on a daily basis; Dodge has been there. 

Since 2009, Dodge has been producing a Journey all their own, a mid-size crossover vehicle with a seating capacity up to five or seven people.  Offered in six different trim levels, and eight stylish colors, the Journey ranges in price from $20K to $31K.  Dodge makes big claims that it is not only the most affordable crossover on the market, as well as the fastest growing midsize crossover.  With the optional third row, Dodge’s Journey is ready for everything in life that you can throw at it, and handle it with ease and comfort.

In today’s hustling and bustling world, we’re always on the move, and our travels require a lot of stuff.  The Journey maximizes the amount of storage space available with features like fold flat third row, second row, and passenger seats, anything you want is going to fit inside it.  Storage space is prevalent in every space inside this vehicle, as the passenger seat flips forward to reveal an in-seat compartment for excess storage, and both of the second row floor panels lift up for extra in floor storage options.   With 67.6 cubic feet of cargo room, the Journey is meant to hold everything that you need for it to hold.

If family is part of the equation, the Dodge Journey is the vehicle for which you’ve been searching.  Filled with family friendly options, and safety features, it’s one of the most family oriented vehicles on the market.  As previously mentioned, there is an optional third row of seating that is easily accessed from either side of the car for simple in and out maneuvers.  Also, unlike any other vehicle in its class, the Journey is the only crossover to offer built in second row booster seats that will hold a child up to 57” and 85 lbs.

In terms of keeping your family safe, the Journey is packed with standard air bags to cushion any potential blow.  Available features such as parking assist and back up cameras make it easier to navigate tight squeezes and blind driveways.  It comes standard with 4-wheel antilock brakes, and a brake assist system that can sense the amount of pressure on the brakes, and help apply more pressure in the instance of an emergency.  Stability features such as electronic stability control, traction control, and electronic roll mitigation ensure that even in adverse weather, your vehicle is prepared for any turn.

While gas prices have gone down considerably, fuel economy is still pretty important to car owners.  The Dodge Journey has you covered, with nearly 500 highway miles before you’ll be forced to stop to fill up, this leaves the travel circuit pretty wide open.  There is also the option of all-wheel drive so that the weather is never a concern when taking your journey.  There are also two options when it comes to engine size, dependent on the trim level, an economical 2.4L 4 Cylinder option or the sturdier and more rugged 3.6 Pentastar V6 that boasts 283 horsepower.

With different options for technology that are largely dependent on packages or trim levels, the Dodge Journey boasts some of the hottest technology on the scene.  With an 8.4 inch UConnect system, standard in specific models, drivers have access to updated information as you pull into your destination city, access the weather conditions in the city through which you’re driving, and optional navigation.  Top of the line stereo options can be added to almost any Dodge Journey trim level, so if sound is important, you can get it.  Drivers are also given the option to fully customize their instrument panel, add a rear seat entertainment package, and add features and options as they go.

We’ve heard our entire lives that life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey.  In the world of Dodge vehicles, it really is all about the Journey.  Drive to work, drive to school, or take a massive road trip with your closest friends, just make sure you enjoy the trip.

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