Is First Light Lighting Systems a Reputable Company?

First Light Lighting Systems out of Hayward California is a lighting distributor that also does lighting retrofits for The Energy Alliance Association in the North Bay. While many good people work at First Light Lighting Systems the acting CEO has a very troubling past.

They have had situations where they have tried to install lighting for rebates that does not meet the California QPL

The main point people that are considering doing business with First Light Lighting Systems is that Clarence Morrison plead guilty to defrauding the Federal Government for impropriety in delivering and obtaining FEMA contracts after Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf Coast. He has multiple other violations of the law but that is the biggest one to consider if you are trying to decide to do business with them.

First Light Systems has done a lot of work for the TEAA in Santa Rosa. They have just been made aware of the problems that First Light Lighting has had in dealing with the TEAA. From personal first hand information there are other problems with employees of First Light Lighting in the delivery of TEAA contracts.

What you need to think about before entering into a contract with First Light Lighting Systems is if there have been problems in delivering contracts and fraud convictions if they will give you and your business the service you deserve. They are not approved to do business in may venues in the North Bay and there is first hand knowledge that they are continually on credit hold with many of their suppliers.