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Fleeing man throws chain saws at officers

Police offices are often put in strange situations when pursuing suspects. Officers with the Lufkin Police Department in Texas might have one of the stranger tales to tell as they chased a man in a truck who was tossing chain saws at them.

It started off as an average traffic stop and turned into a three-county, eight-agency chase that reached triple-digits in speed. 27-year-old Richard Kay was driving his white Chevrolet truck when police attempted to stop him, prompting the wild chase.

The chain saws are believed to have been stolen during a home burglary. The suspect claims to have been using methamphetamines and prescription drugs at the time of the chase.

Local news channel KTRE reports:

In Alto, Kay ran out into a field, did more donuts and let out his passenger, Dennis Arceneaux, 35, of San Jacinto, who was taken into custody by the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, according to Lufkin police.

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